TxtVideo 2.0 Review & Bonus: Story Video Creator

txtvideo 2.0 review

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Txtvideo 2.0 is a newly launched Cloud-based app that can help you to create highly customizable text-story based video.

This Cloud-based app allows you to market your video in a completely new way that can generate huge profits online.

By Txtvideo 2.0, you can market your videos through Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat.

TXTVideo helps you create text-story videos where the entire conversation chat can be customized by you.

This software is not merely a video creation software; it's a combination of video, images and text.

According to the market demand, Txtvideo 2.0 is the only software that can give you excellent conversion while running your marketing or branding Ad campaign.

This software Pre-loaded with thousands of attractive templates on various Industry, by that you can pick any templates and designed it on your own.

It's a unique & fantastic software for all the Marketers, business owner and designer.


TxtVideo 2.0 Review:-[Complete Overview]


Jamie ohler
Txtvideo 2.0
Launch Date
Launch Time
10:00 EST
Official website
Click Here
Front-End Price
$42 ( Coupon Code: DoodleAI )
Yes, Huge Bonuses
All Levels
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Video Maker
Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Highly recommend!

Above is the Complete Overview of Txtvideo 2.0 and I mentioned the creator name, launch date of the product and the Front End price details.

Now let's come down to the next section of Txtvideo 2.0 Review, where i will talk what exactly the Software is and how it can gives you benefits.

Creator Of Txtvideo

txtvideo 2.0 creator

Txtvideo Is not a brand new software, it was already launched back in 2018 & it's already got an awesome response from the customers.

This time again, Simon, Jamie & Lee decide to relaunch this excellent software with its next-generation updates called Txtvideo 2.0

Also, this time, nothing will be changed; they must cross a huge sales mark within the launch period because all their software is result-driven & very high quality.

So, be ready & get your copy during the launch period by that you will get an Insane one-time discount.

Overview of the Txtvideo 2.0 -

We all know video marketing is known as one of the biggest platforms to make your career and with the opportunity to make a lot of money this platform also includes a variety of updates like animated videos, infographic videos, and TEXT videos or the videos about the conversation.

So that to help you in succeeding this platform I introduce you to the txtvideo 2.0 in this txtvideo 2.0 review which is a is a brand new saas cloud-based video creation software which will help in creating fully customizable text-story videos.

This software also allows you to market in a new, fresh and unique way on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

This software is developed by Lee Pennington and Jamie Ohler who are JVZOO's renowned software developer from last 5 years.

This software will launch in September of 2020.

So stay tuned….

Now its is time for an important part pf this txtvideo 2.0 review which is what kind of features this software posses.

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TxtVideo 2.0 Review: What Are The Benefits Of This Software.

1-1000+ done-for-you Templates Library: 

Templates are known as the most important element to create a video, it is a very essential item to decorate your video so that your visitors can be impressed by your skill, therefore, the txtvideo 2.0 provides you 1000+ easy-to-customize scene design templates, these templates are custom in nature and very attractive which will help you in the creation of your video.  And the interesting fact about these templates is you can easily customize them as per your need or as per your choice.

2-12,000+ built-in sketch and illustrations:

Nowadays sketch and illustrations have become one of the biggest trends. With the help of these 2 elements, one can easily create ana amazing video or content in order to drive a lot of traffic or visitors.

Therefore to help you out txtvideo 2.0 provides you 2000+ customizable sketch and illustration graphics elements and shapes which will help you in the creation of your content.

And as same as the first feature you can easily customize these illustrations and shapes as per your requirement or choice.

So get the txt video 2.0 and start showing off your video creating skill.

3-Over 8 million free HD photos via integrations: 

HD photos are the most important parts when it comes to edit a video and make it highly visitor friendly.

Inserting some HD photos in your video will skyrocket the quality of your video in no time and this is very essential too in today's world due to the rising competition.

So that txtvideo 2.0 provides you or gives you access to over 8 million free HD photos or images via its integrations.

Here the integrations are pixabys, pixels and other stock photo providers.

Amazing is not it.

4- Over 2 million curated icons via integrations:

Just like the HD images, shapes and other illustration type elements icons are also helpful in the creation of an amazing video.

That's why txtvideo 2.0 allows you to use its 2 million + curated icons which are available through the icons via integration.

These icons are very important in nature for a video creator because in the present time video making means the editing, the animations, the illustrations etc.

The txtvideo 2.0 knows the trend that's why it is providing you with the necessary services to create a modern and highly visitor-friendly video via its amazing features.

5- 100’s of emoji graphics and social characters: Just like the above elements and other items emojis are also part of an amazing video. Emoji can express the parts of your video as it has an emotional connection with every human being in the digital world.

So in order to help you out, txtvideo 2.0 is providing you 100s of emoji graphics and social characters which you can use in your video in order to make such video attractive and very useful for your visitors.

It also allows you to use its social characters which do the same work as the emojis.

So get this amazing software and create and edit your video like a pro

6-Import images from the web:

With the help of the txtvideo 2.0 you can easily Import images from the web by just entering the image URL

There are many situations in which the images of your own are not enough to make the video more attractive.

Sometimes you need the different images which are not available at you but available in the web or the Internet, therefore, txt video 2.0 provides you or allows you to use the images from the web by just entering or typing the image URL in the search engine.

7-Smart Resize feature: The size of the video matters a lot when you are creating a text video or convert video. So that txtvideo 2.0 helps you in the optimisation of the size of such video.

It automatically applies preset canvas sizes for design purposes. It also helps you in the designing of your video as per the requirements of the over 40 social media platforms which includes all the popular social media platforms.

Here the sizes which are being provided by the txtvideo 2.0 are popular banner sizes, coupon sizes, blog headers, email headers, Kindle cover, infographics, T-shirts, and many more as per the current marketing trend.

So that if you are a content creator then it is very necessary for you to create the videos as per the social media platform requirements so that you can drive a lot of traffics from there.

7-Upload own images and use in scene designs: With the help of the txtvideo 2.0 you can easily upload your own images as per your requirements or choice and use those images in your scene design.

Just like the above feature access to the web images it also gives you access to your own images so that you can use the images from each and every resource.

8-Amazing Support:

Yes! you will get amazing & very supportive customer service from their team, so you can solve your any kind of problem without much problem

9-No Need Of Tech Skill:

Txtvideo 2.0 is completely a Cloud based drag & drop software and you don't need any kind of technical expertise to use It.

10-Huge Bonus:

Yes! This amazing software launch with Insane amount of bonuses that worth over $2500, so It's really value for money for you.

11-24*7 Support:

Yes! you will get amazing support from their team regarding any problem related to Txtvideo tool,  so your all query will be solved easily.

Above are all the features of Txtvideo 2.0 software & now come down to the next section of Txtvideo 2.0 review.

Who Should Go For TxtVideo 2.0?

This amazing all in one Text & video creation software is for every online entrepreneurs, marketers and designers.

It's really an Innovative Cloud-based software that will create video by combining both text and image.

It's Specially Targeted For Below Professionals.

=>Graphic Designer/ Animator.

=>Social Media Manager.

=>Digital Marketer.

=>Content Creator.


=>Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers.

=>Agency Owner.

=>Advertisers & Ad Agency Owner.

=>E-Com Business Owner.

=>Product Creator.

Above all are can confidently go with Txtvideo 2.0 software, now come to the next section of Txtvideo 2.0 review.

Txtvideo 2.0 Review: Pricing & OTO's

Front-End:[$37] <<Click Here for More Information>>

  • Lifetime access to software
  • Access to two skins (WhatsApp and iPhone)
  • With new five niche specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • With five bubble backgrounds that can be used instantly and make the conversation more lively and engaging 
  • Ability to add image and gif
  • Ability to add emoji
  • Profile customization  - person’s image, signal strength, Wifi strength, Battery Life, Clock & Mobile Provider
  • Create up to 60 seconds of video
  • Conversation speed selector 
  • Dynamic typing and message deletion and replacement  
  • Font size selector 
  • MP4 video download 
  • Preview - Check your work before you render (create a video). Save time & headaches of having to redo work after you render
  • Super fast rendering times
  • Access to exclusive FB group
  • Full support by dedicated and praised support team

OTO1:[$37] <<Click Here for More Information>>

  • Unlock more and more pre made specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • Unlock 10 more bubble backgrounds instantly
  • Access brand new niche scripts delivered monthly
  • Access brand new bubble backgrounds delivered monthly
  • Ability to create - 180 seconds video 
  • Can add unlimited images
  • Can add unlimited gifs
  • Can add unlimited emojis
  • Ability to add video to the conversation 
  • Ability to add Voice Messages 
  • MP4 and GIF video download 
  • Monthly TXTVideo Creation Contest
  • With the possibility of adding new skins per quarter 
  • Ability to have group conversation

OTO2:[$97] <<Click Here for More Information>>

This Upgrades gives you one amazing & super cool feature that is, Custom personalized Video background.

OTO3:[$67] <<Click Here for More Information>>

  • Three day session on how to Monetize with TxtVideo 
  • TxtVideo Assications FREE downloadable PDF
  • Certified TXTVideo Expert Document SignedPLUS
  • Additional seven niches script (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer, Dentist, Apparel, Lawyer, Real Estate)
  • Additional five bubble backgrounds
  • Email scripts 
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Proposal letters 
  • Invoice 
  • Pricing Sheets 
  • Phone Scripts
  • Social Media Post
  • Day by day - Step by Step Success outline
  • Professional DFY webinar (training and PDF download) 

Exclusive Txtvideo 2.0 Bonus from the Vendor:

TXTVideo 2.0 Bonus

Well, Now come down to the final part of Txtvideo 2.0 review, where i will sum-up the article.

Txtvideo 2.0 Review: Pros & Cons


=>Very Easy to use & Beginners Friendly.

=>1000+ done-for-you Templates Library.

=>Commercial License Included.

=>12,000+ built-in sketch and illustrations.

=>Cloud Based Web App.

=>Over 8 million free HD photos via integrations.

=>Over 2 million curated icons via integrations.

=>100’s of emoji graphics and social characters.

=>Upload own images and use in scene designs.

=>No Need Of Tech Skill.

=>24*7 Support.


=>Early Bird Price Is for launch Time only.

=>Otherwise Technically this software have no problem.

Final Verdict On TxtVideo 2.0 Review.

As you know guys, here my detailed Txtvideo 2.0 review is concluded & thank you so much for checking my article till the end.

In the above Txtvideo 2.0 review, I discuss all its features, working process, demo and it's pricing, I hope it will help you to learn more about this product in a very detailed way.

TxtVideo 2.0 is not simply a Video creation tool, and it's the complete package of Text, Image and video tool.

By the help of this software, you can create Story-based video for all social media platforms like FacebookInstagram and Snapchat.

Txtvideo 2.0 is the best software for all the marketers, Entrepreneurs & designer who want more attention-grabbing videos & story based short videos.

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Bonus #9 60 Photoshop Action Scripts

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Some Extra Bonuses (More than 20+ Valuable Bonuses)



Step 1: Buy TxtVideo 2.0

Step 2: You will receive the bonuses Automatically

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