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Toonly Review 2021[In-depth Explanation]

toonly review

Dear Reader Welcome To My Honest Toonly Review 2021!

Here In this detailed Toonly Review you will get all the Info regarding this cartoon animator software, It's working process, Features & Pricing structures.

Toonly Is simply a Drag & drop animated explainer video maker tool that helps you in creating cartoon style animated video In a minute.

By using this drag & drop technology you can create any kind of cartoon video without knowing any graphic & animation skill.

It's a Web based or you can say it's a desktop based web application that can be run in any Windows device or Mac.

Toonly has lots of features & templates that makes your Animated video creation more effortless & you can literally make stunning videos with this amazing app.

You can also create sketch animated video, Voice over video, Cartoon video or any kind of tutorial video by Toonly.

Also you can fully customise the templates, and even create custom videos yourself using a highly intuitive timeline editor, that enables you to add custom animations or even add 1-click animation presets to quickly animate anything!

It's just an perfect solution for all the marketer, video creator, animator, freelancers & business owner...So I highly Recommend you to read my Toonly Review till the end.

Did you know one thing, Animation video are the future because animated videos are entertaining, consumers are drawn in to the story … making your marketing message much more effective.

Cartoon type video make your viewer more engaging & it will increase your video watch time or retention rate at much faster rate & it also make your viewer more easy to understand your content rather than any normal video.

So, Grab Toonly Now & create unlimited animated video without knowing any designing skill or technical skill; this tool will make your life more easy through it's amazing features.

Toonly Review: [Complete Product Overview]


Product name
Bryxen Inc
Front-end price
Release Date
Release Time
09:00 EDT
Animation Software
Very High
Skill levels needed
No Need any skills
Effective Response
Mega 100 Bonuses Value At $3000
30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Above Is the complete overview of Toonly, I mentioned It's creator name, date of launch, Front end price, Bonuses etc...

Well, Now let's come to the next section of toonly review, where i will explain all it's features & working process in a detail way.

Toonly Review 2021: What You Will Get Inside? 

toonly review 2021

1) Easy To Use:

Using Toonly Is very easy & beginners friendly, if you are a beginner then you can also use this video animation tool effectively.

2) No Need any Skillset: 

Not a video designer? Not a problem! Just select a background for your video, then click-and-drag characters onto it. Animate them by clicking on your mouse or by holding the Control key down, if you’re on a Mac. And that’s it. It couldn’t be any easier. Within minutes, you can create your first animated explainer video.

3) Library Of Graphics:

Toonly doesn’t use stock images or photos. All of its images were custom drawn by our professional graphic design team (a team made up of 12 full-time designers), over the course of the past 5 months.

You won’t find higher-quality animations anywhere on the planet. With Toonly, you’ll get 510 character images. 30 characters with 17 different poses each.

Plus, you'll also get 81 different backgrounds and scenes, and hundreds of props covering every topic and niche you can imagine. With a library like the one Toonly offers, you’re only limited by your imagination!

4) Create Your Own Voice Over:

It’s super-simple to add a voiceover to your video. Just click the record button, start talking, and Toonly will automatically add your voice to your video. And, of course, if you’d rather upload a professional voiceover, or an audio exported from another program, you can easily do that as well.

Even you can connect Toonly software with any voice over audio creation software & start creating your video.

5) Simply drag and drop your choice of background music to the video timeline. Adjust the volume up or down with a click of your mouse. Instantly, your video will sound like it’s been created by one of those pricey professional designers.

6) Create The Perfect Mood With Up To 100+ Royalty:

Simply drag and drop your choice of background music to the video timeline. Adjust the volume up or down with a click of your mouse. Instantly, your video will sound like it’s been created by one of those pricey professional designers.

7)Install On Multiple Computers:

Toonly will be supported in both Mac Os & Windows, So what ever device you own you can just Install it.

Also If you have multiple device you can just Install this software on every device & it will work perfectly.

8)Export Unlimited Explainer Video with different Mp4 File Sizes:

After you’ve created your custom animated explainer video, you’ll be able to export your video in various resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, even custom), file sizes (24-60 fps), and quality (low-maximum).

9)Get Free Software Update:

Yes! Toonly Is completely an evergreen software, It's continually upgraded & you will also get life time free update of it.

10)You can create video of any Niche & Industry: 

With all of the characters, props, and backgrounds, Toonly offers something for everyone … regardless of whether you’re a B2C or B2B, no matter which industry or niche you’re in, and even whether you’re selling a product, a service, or nothing at all.

This software is actually designed for every industry by that anyone can take benefits of it.

11)Zero Technical, Designing & IT Skill Required:

You don't need any kind of designing, IT or technical skill to use Toonly & without having any prior experience in designing & animation Industry you can able to create mind blowing animated cartoon videos better than any average designer.

12)24*7hrs Customer Support:

Yes! Undoubtedly you will get premium support from their team for 24*7 & you can solve your any problem Instantly.

13)30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Yes! Toonly comes with Risk Free 30 days money back guarantee, so that you can buy this software without any risk.

Toonly Review: Who Should Get This?

So, Who need this amazing animation machine? Let's discuss on this topic.

Toonly Is a software that can help you In creating animated voice over cartoon video Instantly without knowing any graphic designing skill.

It's a software that can helps you in creating highly engaging advertisement, explainer video, tutorial video & voice over video.

Well, Now let me list out some of the targeted professional who must need to go with Toonly.

->Video Editor & Marketer.


->Animator & designer.




->Content creator.


->Teacher & Professionals.

->Non Profits Organisation.

->Any B2B organisation.

Above are the most targeted professional who must need to go with Toonly Software, It means Toonly is compatible for every Industry.

Well, Now come to the next part of Toonly Review; where i will give you detailed knowledge on it's pricing structure.

Why You Need Cartoon Style Animated Video.

=>Animated Explainer video are more engaging & gives you better audience retention than any other video.

=>It helps you in creating story telling video.

=>It will help you in increase your website or landing page engagement rate & it will also gives you higher ranking In Google.

=>Animated videos are more memorable.

=>Cartoon style story telling videos are more shareable on social media & have more chance to go viral.

=>Animated video don't bore your customer, it's not feel like marketing or promotional video.

=>This kind of video Inform & educate your customer more & it's ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Toonly Complete Pricing & Upgrades

Basically Toonly comes with 2 Plans & it has monthly & yearly pricing option.

Those Plans are, 1)Standard 2)Enterprise & both the plans comes with monthly & yearly subscription model.

1)Standard Plan:

This plan of Toonly cost you $39 per month & if you will choose it's yearly plan then it will cost you $20 per month.

In the standard plan you will get 30 characters, 17 animations, 716 prop images, 25 facial expressions, 79 backgrounds, 10 premade scenes, 21 scene transitions, 20 background audios, and 3 text animations.

Along with this you can create & export unlimited videos, also you can use this app with on multiple computers.

But here In this standard plan you will not get access to Toonly Club, It gives you access to new characters and props each month.

2)Enterprise Plan:

The Enterprise level membership of Toonly Cost you $69 per month but if you will go with it's yearly plan then it will cost you $40 every month.

In this Toonly Enterprise level plan you will get access to following features.

  • 68 characters
  • 30 character animations
  • 1783 prop images
  • 360 facial expressions
  • 147 backgrounds
  • 20 premade scenes
  • 101 scene transitions
  • 142 background audios
  • 5 text animations
  • Invitation to Toonly Facebook group
  • Premium support
  • And the access to the TOONLY CLUB.

Toonly LifeTime Offer?

Actually, it's completely a special deal & this offer is currently Unavailable.

But the creator of this product running this special offer every year for a very limited time period & within that time you can access Toonly Standard plan at only $67 for lifetime.

Toonly lifetime offer is very special actually; you don't need to pay money on monthly basis & remember it's only applicable for for standard version plan.

I hope you got enough knowledge on Toonly pricing & plans, It comes with 2 simple pricing option, Well now come to the final part of Toonly Review.

Final Thoughts On Toonly Review

Guys, I have put my serious effort on this Toonly Review, Actually i did the research thoroughly, reach out the creator & learn about this web app completely & also watched several DEMO video.

That after I am able to write this detailed Toonly Review with it's features, working process, Demo, Pros Cons & Pricing also...

As you know it's a drag & drop cartoon animation video creator software that helps you in creating mind blowing voice over type cartoon video for your business, students, clients or advertisment.

In my opinion, If you Invest on Toonly then you will never regret because it's giving you amazing value at a much lower price.

Mainly you don't need any technical or designing skill to use Toonly software, you will get free training on how you can use toonly in video creation.

So, I highly Recommend you To Try Toonly with 30 days Money back guarantee & also access to my $3000 Premium Bonuses for free!

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