Timeline domination review – Generate Traffic Leads from Facebook

Timeline Domination Review

Timeline domination is an online training course designed by India's leading facebook ad expert Mr. Sourabh Bhatnagar.

From this Timeline domination course, you will learn how to leverage Facebook for brand awareness and lead generation & you also get knowledge on branding, online marketing strategy, and funnel building.

If you are interested in this facebook marketing course then grab it now at early bird discount time and save up to 77%.

Introduction to Timeline Domination

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Today's article is all about Timeline domination review, it features and the working process.

So here i will share why you need this course.

We all know Facebook is the world's no1 social networking site and it has more than 2 billion active users every month.

Just think about how many business opportunities it has.

By using facebook paid and both organic marketing you can easily grow your business revenue and brand awareness.

But for that, you need to learn Facebook marketing in a detailed way.

So that here i want to introduce Timeline domination online training program that helps you in the master of facebook advertising & marketing.

Okay, let's start the complete Timeline revolution blog post.

What is Timeline domination?

It is a complete online training program that teaches you about facebook marketing, funnels building, funnels optimization, landing page optimization.

It is founded by India's leading SAAS product and marketing expert Mr. Sourabh Bhatnagar.

By learning from this Course you can able to promote literally anything online and make profits out of it.

You can easily sale T-Shirts, Real Estate, Affiliate Products, Own Products, Services, Software, Coaching Program, Local Business or any kind of things online.

So it's really a life-transforming Course for every newbie learner, entrepreneur, salesperson or online marketer.

After learning facebook marketing and funnel optimization you can easily market your business and getting a lot of sales at the comfort of your home.

So what are you looking to get this course now at early bird discount time and save your hard-earned money.

Now let's discuss the next step of the editorial.

About the Creator:-

timeline domination author

The founder of this truly life-changing facebook marketing online training course is Mr.Saurabh Bhatnagar.

He is a very talented facebook marketer, lead generation expert and also founded various SAAS products and sale to thousands of people online.

He is recently featured in Forbs.com & entrepreneur.com magazine.

Sourabh globally recognized for his facebook marketing knowledge.

That's everything about the founder of this online course Sourabh Bhatnagar.

Now let's discuss the Course module or course of study.

Complete Course module of Timeline domination:-

Here i will share every single course structure and module of this online training program, by that you can get more knowledge on this course.

Module1:-Course Introduction.

In the 1st chapter of this course, you get the overall introduction of this facebook marketing course.

Module2:-Marketing Basics and fundamentals.

Here you will get knowledge on marketing basics and all the fundamentals part of traditional marketing because marketing basics are really very important in the online marketing world also.

Module3:-Creating offer.

In this module, you will learn how to create the best offers that convert into sales and how to create attractive offers to attract new buyers.

Module4:-Funnel Creation & Optimization.

This part contains practical video information on sales funnel creation and optimization means how you can get your visitors into your funnel and convert them into sales.

Funnel creation, optimization and converting visitors into buyers is the most challenging work for every marketer and here is the point many people fail.

But don't worry you will get the exact information about this hard part.

Module5:-Landing page hacks & creation process.

Landing page creation & optimization is one of the toughest work in the marketing industry.

Because it's the page where people buy and while creating this page you need to think about the user first.

So here you will learn all the strategies of smart landing page creation.

Module6:-Facebook Advertising.

This part of the article content complete facebook advertising tutorial and strategies means how exactly you can run conversion-optimized facebook ads for yourself or business.

In this part, Sourabh contains all the facebook advertising parts, like Facebook audience research, targeting, Website creation ads, Reporting, privacy policy and algorithms details of facebook, Ad retargeting and scaling.

Module7:-Advanced Module.

In this part of the module, you will learn about much new marketing strategy and real-life case study and facebook marketing plans, etc.

Module7:-Practical Skill.

This practical skill contains all the information about how to run facebook ads properly.

Module8:-Designing Skill.

In facebook marketing ad designing or landing, page designing is the no one skill marketers have and it also decides your facebook marketing success.

This video course also contains an outsourcing strategy by that you can outsource your work to talented people.

Module9:-Ad Copywriting.

In this chapter, you will learn Ad content writing in a detailed way by that you can write conversion-optimized ad copy for your business and is also one of the important tasks.

Module10:-Lead Generation.

In this part of the course, you will learn how to run a conversion-optimized ad copy and convert visitors into cold leads.

This Course also Contain more knowledge about how you can capture as much as leads possible at a cheap cost.

    Above 10 are the most Important module of this timeline domination course and more 33 modules are still available.

Conclusion on Timeline domination Review:-

Here our complete review on Timeline domination is over, So at the end of this article, i strongly recommend you to buy this course now at early bird discount time.

It is the perfect course for those people who want to learn the art of Facebook marketing.

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