Skilexa Review : Set Alexa Flash Briefings and Alexa Podcasts Briefings

Skilexa review

Are you looking for Skilexa Review where you can get all the information about it?Trust me you landed at the RIGHT place.I will provide all the information that you ever need to know.Just read my Skilexa Review till the end.

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Skilexa Review Overview


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Have you ever heard about "voice search"?

Skilexa Review Introduction

I am pretty sure you did because it's a HUGE thing.

Do you know you can reach 100s of millions of Amazon Alexa listeners?

Millions of Alexa briefing listeners can hear about your business if you create "Alexa briefings".

Nowadays people are tended to do voice searches and willing to hear the short text, audio, or video snippets every da than typing and reading your content.

Well, why people are NOT that much into Alexa briefing though it can be very profitable to the businesses?

The only answer is, it requires coding skills and NOT that easy to enter into Alexa.

BUT, you can enter Alexa and take full advantage of Alexa briefing. Do NOT worry, I am NOT here to teach you! There is a way to do it without coding.

Yes, a groundbreaking app is getting launched, which will help you entering into Alexa briefings. By entering into it, your business will be reaching to all the Alexa briefing listeners. The best thing is that it does NOT require any coding skills to use it. The name of the software app/tool is "Skilexa".

Sounds interesting..RIGHT?

Let's dig deeper into Skilexa in my Skilexa Review.

What is Skilexa?

Skilexa is a cloud-based app that lets you create and schedule Alexa Flash Briefings and Alexa Podcasts Briefings. With that, you can reach to all the Alexa Briefing listeners. By this, the chances of your business's sales increase beyond your expectations.

You can also use this powerful app for your local clients.

It is absolutely a brand new product in the market. Literally, an untapped or unknown app to the market. 

If you take advantage of this app first, then there are a lot of chances to crush your competitors. Why because your competitors DO NOT know about it. Try it before your competitor tries it.

You might be thinking will this product work or not. I am pretty sure it will be a successful product because it has been tried and tested by the creators already.


Ben Murphy is the name of the creator of SkilexaBen is a successful affiliate marketer and a brilliant software developer. He is a brilliant software developer with marketing knowledge and experience.

He is always working hard to help marketers achieve their SEO goals by driving traffic and generating sales from his software products. 

So far his products have been very successful.

This time he teamed up with Karthik Ramani and Madasamy Shanmugavel, who spent years on Skilexa. 

Skilexa is an end product of the continuous efforts of three excellent software developers and marketers.

Therefore, the product will be very useful for marketers for sure.

Well, that was all about Skilexa and its creators.

Now let us move on to features and benefits of Skilexa.

Skilexa Review - Features and Benefits of Skilexa

Skilexa is a powerful cloud-based app. It will make your business grow highly with its AMAZING features.

I will reveal all those features below for you:

Create Alexa Flash Briefings

You can create Alexa Flash Briefings easily with a couple of your PC mouse clicks, and then you can schedule it to reach your prospects.

You can do the same with podcast briefings too.

Schedule Briefings in Advance in Amazon

The most unique feature of Skilexa is that you can schedule your briefings in advance for 30 days. Yes, it will save loads of loads of time. In other words, you can schedule one month's content in advance completely in a few minutes simply

Sell to the clients

You can sell it to your clients. You can offer something so new and working service to your clients. Your clients will also feel glad that you are offering unique and new service that helps their businesses grow drastically. 

There is a HUGE scope for business profits.

Built-in Audio Recorder

You can record and schedule within Amazon the complete month's content. It saves time and effort. All can be done within a few minutes.

Amazon S3 Resource Library

You can use any audio or video for the creation of your briefing from any of your buckets in Amazon S3 with the Skilexa’s Amazon S3 Resource Library.

Content Generator

You can make a text briefing from your blog content using Skilexa within the app. Your time gets saved a lot.

100% Cloud-Based App

It is a 100% cloud-based app. Hence, NO need to download or install anything.

Text, Audio & Video Content

Supports text, audio & video content. Just upload to create your Flash Briefings.

Amazon API Compliant

Skilexa is a fully API compliant, approved Amazon tool.

Who can use Skilexa?

Skilexa is a beginner-friendly, anyone can use it. Even a high school student can also use it.

Affiliate Marketers

Marketing Coaches

Local Marketers


Product or Service Sellers

eCommerce stores


What’more, you can consider more choices with advanced features in. 

Skilexa’s OTOs:

OTO1: SKILEXA PLATINUM ($49) >>More Details<<

With this upgraded edition of Skilexa, you will be able to create more campaigns and more briefings. It includes the ability to schedule 100 days in advance (instead of only 30 days). It also includes an advanced text-to-speech feature to convert your written text into spoken audio for Flash Briefings, DFY drag/drop landing page templates to capture Flash Briefing listeners, and even more.

OTO2: SKILEXA AGENCY ($99) >>More Details<<

With the Agency version, you can add clients with your own login and allow them to create the briefings FOR them. You can charge any amount you like for access. This allows you now to manage multiple Amazon developer channels if the client wishes to have full control of their flash briefings and Alexa channel.

In a rare opportunity, you can resell Skilexa 1.0 services with agency accounts with your own logo and domain. This allows you to start your own profitable, fully-branded software business. You get full updates and bug fixes including access to use the creators’ support.

Conclusion of Skilexa Review

Skilexa is a powerful cloud-based app that helps you creating Amazon Briefings for Amazon Briefing Listeners. 

By leveraging this, you can take your business sales to another level.

Try and test it for 30 days and if you did not find it perfect, claim your refund.

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Step 1: Buy Skilexa on my website

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