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LifeTraffic review

Hey, Guys ! I have Great news to you as I have come with a LifeTraffic Review and you will see my complete honest review on this LifeTraffic Review Page Below.

In this you will get to know detailed information about generates BUYER TRAFFIC In Any Niche to Setup Your Passive Income Streams in Minutes, Its Complete Features, working procedure, Pros & Cons, Pricing Upgrades and many more.

LifeTraffic is Breakthrough Technology. It Brings You A Tsunami Of Traffic WITHOUT Writing Any Content, SEO, Paid Ads Or Even Creating A Video Creation.

LifeTraffic is a Super WP Plugin that generates BUYER TRAFFIC from Trending Viral For LIFE - at an UNBEATABLE ONE-TIME price.

LifeTraffic Review helps you to know that 100% Hands-Free Traffic & Content For Sales, Lead Generation, Ecom Sales, New Websites, Niche Content Websites, AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and more...

This tool is specially 100% Newbie-Friendly, Absolutely No Tech-Skills required. All Affiliate marketers, Digital marketers, and for many others who are interested in overnight passive incomes.

Everything you need is explained step-by-step in this review Page.

lifetraffic review
Amit Gaikwad & Anirudh Baavra
Launch Date
28 May 2021
Launch Time
Official website
Front-End Price
Yes, Huge Software Bonuses
All Levels
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
WP Plugin
Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Highly recommend!

The Last 4 Products In The “Life”-Series

The products in the “Life”-Series are aimed at providing long lasting solutions at unbeatable prices. This is mainly the reason why our products literally fly-off-the-shelves...and make you BIG FAT commissions at the same time.

Here’s our journey so far...

1. LifeHost
With LifeHost we SOLVED the hosting problems faced by your customers…

2. LifeMail
Then, with LifeMail we SOLVED the email marketing problems faced by your customers…

3. LifeMeet

Next - with LifeMeet we SOLVED issues being faced by your customers when it came to hosting online meetings & webinars…

4. LifeTraffic
And now - we are back with another BLOCKBUSTER product that will SOLVE a long-standing problem faced by every business - no matter what the niche…


Here’s what you need to do...

What You can do With LifeTraffic

  • Instant Hashtag Search

    Enter any tag and locate the hottest trending tags within seconds

  • Integrated Social Networks

    LifeTraffic Is integrated with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, Live General, Instapaper, Diggio, Linkedin..

  • Winning Tag Research

    Let your competitors do the hard work. Then swoop in and swipe their winning tags

  • View Posts

    Easy view show all posts on one page

  • Reorder in 1 simple click

    Sort results by tag, like, most comments with a simple click of a mouse

  • Easy Spreadsheet download

    Export tags to a spreadsheet in just 1-click

  • Email Tags Yourself & Assistant

    Easily send results to your own email or to your assistant.

  • Trending Searches

    Need inspiration? Check the fastest growing searches super fast and easy
    Favorite Categories

    Save your regular business names or hashtags you normally follow with 1-click

  • Create Your Own Category

    With our 2-step creation system...Follow multiple people in multiple industries and keep everything organized

  • Keyword Replacer

    Replace any keyword with an affiliate URL or any hyperlink of your choice to drive traffic to your other pages/websites.

  • Keyword Research

    Research Trending Keyword, Topics, and Hashtags on Google, use those keywords to build your campaign

  • Auto Article Finder

    Select the Keyword/Trending Hashtag to generate related content to drive traffic

  • Content Share and Scheduling

    Schedule your keyword research, articles, and content on 10 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, Live General, InstaPaper, etc.

  • Google Translate Integration

    Translate auto-generated content in any language by setting the google translate integration

  • Spin Rewriter Integration

    Spin Rewriter Integration to generate unique and copyright free content on autopilot

  • NewsAPI.Org Integration

    Integration of NewsAPI to generate trending news articles on autopilot

    And a lot more...

LifeTraffic Review: Who Should Buy It?

  • Video Creator & Marketers.

  • Bloggers & Web Masters

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Digital Marketers

  • Website Builders

  • Agency owners

  • Newbies

  • Online Product & service Providers And many others who really want to earn…
  • Marketers who would like to get more clients on board & provide them with a hands-free & highly demanded solution for the top dollar
  • Influencers, bloggers, vloggers who would like to get more views & stay on top of social trends to get more paid collaborations
  • Established brands that would like to retain their existing customer base & reach out to global audiences
  • E-Commerce stores & struggling business owners who want to reach out to wider audiences and sell more
  • Affiliate marketers who’d like to sell their offers & make big commissions
  • Local businesses that would like to switch from offline to online
  • Start-ups that would like to create a digital identity for their newly launched business
  • Anyone looking to drive more traffic

What LifeTraffic Does For You...

  • Find & use trending keywords from across search engines & social platforms effortlessly
  • Keep a close eye on your industry competition to replicate their formula for success in just one-click
  • Auto-generate high volumes of traffic and leads for any niche
  • Receive copyright free unique content based on high-converting relevant content thanks to the spin rewriter integration
  • Automatically repost web content across popular social platforms in one-click
  • Translate auto-generated content into any language by setting the Google Translate integration
  • Export tags to a spreadsheet by clicking once
  • Sort results by tag, likes, most comments with a simple click of a mouse
  • Replace any keyword with an affiliate URL or any hyperlink of your choice to drive traffic to your other pages/websites
  • Endless trend, keyword & content research & support at your disposal
  • Training & tutorials And the list goes on..

LifeTraffic Is Truly A Game-Changing Investment

  • LifeTraffic puts you way ahead of your competition in every way!
  • Automated Lead Generation & Higher Sales For Any Product Or Service
  • Hands-Free Generation Of Copyright Free & Converting Content
  • Organic & FREE Traffic Generation For Any Page or Site
  • LifeTraffic lets you bid farewell to spending an arm & a leg on services like SEO, video generation, email marketing and paid ads to attract viewers to your page. 
  • It takes away the bane of every marketer & business owners’ existence. It automates unique content & traffic generation in an unprecedented manner regardless of the niche.
  • You don’t need to hire any expert writers that will leave your wallets empty… 
  • LifeTraffic also auto-generates trending & high-converting original content for your website.

LifeTraffic Breakthrough Tech

  • Use trending tags from popular social platforms without researching manually
  • Generate unique & high converting website content instantly
  • Have your web content reposted automatically on social platforms
  • Witness explosive FREE traffic for any niche by trending on the internet 
  • Skyrocket your sales with a hands free content & lead generation tool
  • No content writers or social media experts required
  • One-time price for limitless content 
  • Newbie friendly
  • Instant returns with our commercial license included when you buy now

LifeTraffic Has Ground-Breaking Solutions For All Digital Problems

No More Research
Now instantly find the hottest hashtags from across social media & search engines by simply entering a tag.
You can export them into a spreadsheet in just one-click as well.

No More Juggling
Seamless integration with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, Live General, Instapaper, Diggio, Linkedin, and more… now you’ve got automatic reposting from within your dashboard

No More Unfair Advantage
Swipe and use your competitors’ winning tags to up your game.
Sort tags based on most likes, shares and comments

No More Hard Work
In just one-click easily send tags to yourself & your assistant.
Favorite your regular business names & hashtags for easy usage

No More Tanking Views
Replace keywords with your affiliate offer links to drive up your page traffic and conversions

No More Manual Labour
Use auto-translated content in any language from in-built Google Translator & generate trending news article from our News API integration

No More Mediocre Salary
Set up your own agency instantly. LifeTraffic helps you follow multiple industry trends, keeps your organized & on top of your game

No More Stress
Simply insert a keyword to schedule search & get related content from across 10 social networks to receive auto-generated unique copyright free content for your page

LifeTraffic Review: Tap Into Billions Of Traffic In Just 3-Clicks!

Click 1:
Login & Connect Your Social Media Accounts

As soon as you get access to the LifeTraffic, you can integrate all your social media accounts in a few minutes.

Click 2:
Find Trending Tags & Content In Any Niche In Just 1-Click

Enter any keyword of your choice to find & reuse related trending hashtags from across social media platforms.

Click 3:
Repost & Profit

Auto-generate unique web content for your WordPress site and repost it to all integrated social media accounts effortlessly in just one-click to make hot profits!

LifeTraffic Demo Video 1

LifeTraffic Review Demo Video 2

LifeTraffic Is Incredibly Versatile & Economical

LifeTraffic is the perfect fit for those who want to drive up the sales of their services, products & affiliate offers. It’s the apt tool for lead generation and increasing E-commerce sales.

Whether you’re creating a new website or adding content to a niche site, LifeTraffic organically pushes your rankings & views up!

It lets you also create content that can help you make the big bucks on Google AdSense passively.

So many streams of income are available to you when you get LifeTraffic today at an incredibly low one-time price. It truly is too good to be true!

No Time Like NOW To Get Your Hands On LifeTraffic

LifeTraffic will instantly put your digital marketing game notches higher!

You will be able to stalk your competitors. You will be able to use their content & tags with an original twist to make the most out of trends.

You will be able to increase your customer base to include the entire world using in-built auto translation. Powerful integrations with social platforms and NewsAPI are sure to put you right at the top of your niche.

No more expenditure on content writers, agencies to run SEO, email marketing, video campaigns and huge spends on paid ads.

LifeTraffic Review Frequently Asked Questions

What do users have to say about LifeTraffic?

Users are loving LifeTraffic. Please read the testimonials above to get an insight about how it has quickly replaced experts and all other softwares.

What is the monthly cost of LifeTraffic?

You’re in luck. You’ve found LifeTraffic during the special period offer. You can access this life changing technology at a one-time price...but only until the timer strikes 00:00

I am a beginner, can I use LifeTraffic?

Absolutely. There is no bar on the experience, age or skill required. Even newbies can generate huge traffic & expert level content within minutes using LifeTraffic.

Is training & support included?

Absolutely. Our team of experts are available to you 24X7 to answer any questions that you may have. Training videos are included within your purchase to make you an expert within seconds.

LifeTraffic General BONUSES

You can Select as many you want Access will be Provided inside Member’s Area
Course Academy: LMS for Video Training, podcasts and meetings

Readymade Consulting & Business Website
This is a fully responsive fast and easy customizable trendy consulting & BusinessLaravel CMS Script. You can change any section as your choice very easily. It is fully responsive and fit it all popular browsers and devices. It provides you so many awesome features for build agency, business, company, consulting, corporate, creative, finance, related website.

LifeTraffic Total Client Manager
This tool make your complex sales activity a lot easier. Never again miss a meeting or miss on a quote or miss a client for poor management. With SalesGo, put your best foot forward and ace your sales card.

LifeTraffic User Manager
LifeTraffic User Manager is a handy script for applications that are required a user-based authentication system. It is beneficial to save much of your development hours and focus on the key features.

Meeting Booking & Management system
This application provides various event booking management as well as viewing of the events happening around. This gives the propaganda of the event management and also its management. It provides the best features where you can add your event page along with it you can attend the events that are happening.

Life Stores
Life Stores is here to offer you a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end. Right from managing the product inventories to fulfilling orders, each and every aspect of your store could be settled through Life Store under one tab.

LifeTraffic Event Calendar
LifeTraffic Event Calendar is a quick script to manage and display events. It is very flexible and easy to install and integrate into your website.

Final Verdict On LifeTraffic Review

Guys, Thanks a lot for checking out My Honest LifeTraffic Review, Here I tried to put all the information on this fastest Cloud hosting service.

If you are a blogger, newbie, online marketer or a business owner & want to save thousands of dollars every year from hosting then LifeTraffic is the best solution in the market & it only costing you Only$19.

LifeTraffic Price GRAND TOTAL- $4,871

Pay only $14 to grab this power-pact platform when you hit buy now during the special period offer.

Here’s A Sneak-Peek Of The Value Of This Next-Gen Technology
That is a low & risk-free investment for you today...

One Powerful Tool For Hands-Free Traffic & Content Generation - $1,997
Instant Hashtag Search Engine - $997
Popular Social Media Integrations - $497
Winning Tag Researcher- - $197
Easy Post Viewer- $97
Tag Sorting System- $97
One-Click Tag Spreadsheet Downloader- $97
Keyword Researcher & Replacer- $197
Auto Article Finder- $197
Content Sharer & Scheduler- $197
Spin Rewriter Integration - $197
Google Translator Integration - $97
News API Integration - $97


1. How to Find Free Content for your Blog v2 - BHW Edition

Description: You are getting 17 very detailed, proven and tested methods to find unlimited, free original content for your blogs or websites for the price you would normally pay for 1 or 2 quality posts

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There are 2 main cold outreach methods that I used to get my first clients and sell them when I started out internet marketing + a third inbound marketing method with which you can not only make money with affiliate commissions but easily get clients for expensive services such as SEO and SEM. In this book, I mainly focus on selling reddit marketing to my clients but you can sell anything.

Huge Free Bonuses Worth $25000 overall Bonuses Here:-

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The IM Toolkit (Worth $97)

Social Boost (Worth $197)

Zoo Funnel Mastery (Worth $147)

High Ticket Authority (Worth $197)

Instagram Secrets (Worth $147)

100’s Background Music Tracks (Worth $297)

170+ HighQuality Stock Images Bundle (Worth $197)

16 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080 (Worth 297)

YouTube Easy Video Course (Worth $97)

Facebook live authority (Worth $197)

Niche and keyword research (Worth $97)

Piggyback Cash System (Worth $197)

WP Ebook Maker (Worth $97)

Commission Fire (Worth $197)

Aff Marketing Profit (Worth $97)

Super Quick Traffic (Worth $197)

Secret traffic goldmine (Worth $97)

Instant Traffic For Cents (Worth $147)

Buyer Funnel (Worth $297)

Evergreen commission machine+ DFY + 10 x your results (Worth $197)

WP Squeeze Question (Worth $197)

Rapid Income Fast Funnels (Worth $97)

10 DOLLAR TRAFFIC (Worth $97)

3 Step Machines (Worth $197)

Traffic Siphon (Worth $197)

10 Mega Plugins (Worth $497)

7 New Plugins (Worth $497)

ClickBank Secrets (Worth $197)

Affiliate Cash Monster (Worth $147)

Video Profit Machines (Worth $197)

List Building Profit Kit (Worth $97)

WP Viral (Worth $147)

8 Super Softwares (Worth $497)

25 Fast Traffic Methods (Worth $197)

Video Crusher – (Worth $$197)

Traffic Robot 2 (Worth $297)

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 (Worth $197)

Traffic Robot (Worth $197)

Viral Commission Machine (Worth $197)

Commission App (Worth $147)

Viral Studio (Worth $197)

Additonal Huge Bonuses: Overall 50+ Bonuses worth

BONUS #1 (Value 200$)

BONUS #2 (Value 200$)

BONUS #3 (Value 200$)

BONUS #4 (Value 200$)

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BONUS #12 (Value 100$)

BONUS #13 (Value 100$)

BONUS #14 (Value 200$)


Bonus 01

WP Email Timer Plus WordPress Plugin

Bonus 02

WP Notification Bar WordPress Plugin

Bonus 03

WPOnFire Plugin

Bonus 04

WP Ad Hub Plugin

Bonus 05

WPStickyBars WordPress Plugin

Bonus 06

WP Ebook Maker Plugin

Bonus 07

WP Instant Decor Plugin

Bonus 08

WP Cool Live Chat Plugin

Bonus 09

WP Slideshow Master Plugin

Bonus 10

WP Engage+ Plugin

Bonus 11

WP Review Me Plugin

Bonus 12

WP Sonic Dispatch Plugin

Bonus 13

Lead Gate Pro White Label ($97 Value)

Bonus 14

VidIntra ($67 Value)

Bonus 15

WP Lockdown White Label ($97 Value)

Bonus 16

Auto Post Wiz White Label ($97 Value)

Huge Bonuses from Here and you will get all the Bonuses to your email by buying from Here

Bonus #1 Instagram Monetization Checklist

Bonus #2 Youtube Authority Video Upgrade

Bonus #3 WP Video Commission Plugin

Bonus #4 How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Images!

Bonus #5 Chatbot Marketing Mastery

Bonus #6 Turo Graphics

Bonus #7 30 Days to Build Your Bigger Email List

Bonus #8 Easy Survey Generator

Bonus #9 60 Photoshop Action Scripts

Bonus #9 Facebook Ad Templates

Some Extra Bonuses (More than 20+ Valuable Bonuses)



Step 1: Buy LifeTraffic on my website

Step 2: You will receive the bonuses Automatically

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