Leadpal Review: 1-Click Lead Generation & Management Tool

leadpal review

Guys, Welcome to my Leadpal review, here you will get all the detailed & Insider details of this software.

[Note:- I only review product that can add real value in my audience life & before review I always try the software; so all my reviews are Unbaised]

Leadpal is an newly launched cloud-based tool that can helps you to start a lead generation campaign in just 5minutes or less.

With the help of Leadpal your subscribers can put optin form wherever their audience hangout & those links can be shared on forums or every social media network.

LeadPal helps it’s users to grow their email lists by collecting verified e-mails with social opt-in links from platforms like Fb, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and Linkedin. This eliminates the collection of fake and also unverified emails.

Introduction to Leadpal Review:-

Welcome to the Introduction part of leadpal review, here I will give you the exact reason why leadpal is very Important.

In this Competitive landscape driving highly targeted traffic is very important but the problem is it's not as easy it looks like.

Ranking on Google is harder day by day & ads are also costly, so traffic is a severe problem.

But you can take advantage of Leadpal to drive email list traffic to your site, which is very targeted.

However, how can you build the real customer list? That's also a challenging task.

Most of the people are register with your website with their fake email address & names.

Here Leadpal comes into the picture.

Just think when people are signup for bigger & highly authoritative sites, they mostly give their real name & email address.

So with the help of leadpal you can get those lists for your Website.

Leadpal collects email addresses from platforms like Fb, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and Linkedin. This eliminates the collection of fake and also unverified emails.

Just think once you have thousands of verified & real user email list how much targeted traffic you can drive through email promotion.

You can really make huge profits through those email list & you can build your own tribe.

With the help of leadpal any business can be profitable within just 5-minutes or less.

So, if you are a Website owner, digital marketer, business owner, then you must need this tool to grow your business.

Grab Leadpal today with Early bird discount & also get my Premium bonuses for free.

Well, now let's come down to the next section of leadpal review, where I will give you a complete overview of this lead generation tool.

Leadspal Review:- (Complete Overview)


Able Chika
Launch Date
Launch Time
10:00 EST
Official website
Front-End Price
Yes, Huge Bonuses
All Levels
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
lead generation
Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Highly recommend!

Above is the Complete overview of leadpal, in the above i mentioned it's creator name, date of launch and the front-end price.

So, now come to the next section of the leadpal review, where i will give you a small summary on this product.

What Exactly Leadpal Is?

As i above said Leadpal is an newly launched cloud-based tool that can helps you to start a lead generation campaign in just 5minutes or less.

No-one can deny the fact that optin forms are important for building your email list, but there’s another hurdle which is getting the visitor to your site.

Also getting verified & targeted email list is not so easy, most of the emails a normal site collected those are Fake & unverified.

So, here Leadpal helps you to collect highly targeted email list from real user through Facebook, Twitter, Linkiden, Microsoft, Google, Apple, yahoo, amazon etc...

leadspal review

After collecting leads you can automatically connected with your favourite autoresponders like; Mailchimp, Getresponse, convertkit, Aweber, activecampaign, klaviyo & many more.

leadspal inegration


=>Quickly grow your optin list without any tedious coding or technical skills needed

=>Collect leads from visitors with just one click which means more opt-ins

=>Easily share your unique opt-in links on social media, web sites, forums and also ads platforms

=>Intuitive software that uses advanced modern technology to detect where somebody is currently signed in so it displays that social icon first

=>The leads you get are top-quality and also 100% verified e-mail addresses which means more opens, clicks, and sales

=>Connects with most major e-mail marketing tools… GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Sendlane, Mailchimp and more…

3 Step Working Process of Leadpal.

leadpal working

First Go & Open the Leadpal App, you will see above looking Screen on your PC.

Then just Follow below simple process to use leadpal.

Just 3 Steps To Get Big Results With this:

  • STEP #1:  CREATE: Create your lead campaign or reminders in 60 seconds or less
  • STEP #2:  SHARE: Share or promote your LeadPal link across social media, send Ads to your Opt-in link, or add LeadPal Pop-Ups to any website or blog
  • STEP #3:  GET HOT LEADS: Require an Opt-in for ANY content you choose and get Hot Leads on Autopilot that have Verified Emails Addresses without any technical skills required.

Above is the Complete working process of leadpal tool.

Okay, now come to the next section of leadpal review where i will give you complete features of this tool.

So now let’s talk about the features of this amazing tool ‘’leadpal’ so that you can know how it is going to help you in the generation of the amazing lead campaigns within 60 seconds or less.

So let’s dive into the features part of leadpal review.

Complete Features Breakdown of Leadspal.

1-The quick growth of the e-mail list- The creation of the e-mail list is known as one of the crucial tasks if you are a digital marketer and yes, another important and crucial part that will require technical skills such as coding to grow your e-mail list.

But you don’t have to give that much effort if you are a leadpal user, because leadpal allows you to grow your e-mail list without any requirement of the technical skills like the coding

2-Best way to collect leads-
Well this feature or characteristic is known as the main or the primary feature of the leadpal which is collection of the leads from the visitors of your website.
If you are a digital marketer you must have known that without lead you can’t get the better rate of conversion and without a better rate of conversion there will be no profit.

So to help you out leadpal will assist you in the collection of the leads from your visitors with just one click. Which is equally important and time-efficient.

3-Share your link on social media-
Leadpal allows you to share your link in any kind of social media platform from Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn and in other websites and forums.

With the help of this feature, you can easily share your link of the website and can get more audiences.

4-100% verified leads or emails-
Well as you know in today’s world many organizations are providing duplicate or dummy leads with a less amount of money which are not verified and not of top quality and I am telling you that if you use those leads for the improvement of your website then you will be stuck in great problem and your sale will be zero.

But this won’t happen if you are a ‘leadpal’ user as with the help of the leadpal you can get 100% verified and pure original leads from various sources this leads will help you in the improvement of the rate of your conversion and as you know high rate of conversion means high expectations of profit.

So, in a nutshell with the help of this feature, you can do two things number 1 you can get 100% verified emails/Number as leads number 2 those leads will help you in the growth of your profit.

5-It connects you with the best email marketing tools- No matter how big your online business is without right email marketing tool your profit won’t grow at a reasonable speed.

Email plays a vital role when it comes to making more money from your online business and that’s exactly what leadpal understands.
It generally connects you with the major email marketing tools in the world like getresponse, Aweber, constancontacts, sendlane, Mailchimp, and many more.

With the help of this connection, you will be able to use their services like creation of the email list, sending emails to your audiences about your products or services, etc which will help you in making more profits from the sale.

Well, these are the features of the leadpal and the motive of this part of the article called leadpal review is to inform you of the helpful features of this new lead generating tool.


Check this below video to know how Leadpal tool works & it's complete features.

Now come to the next part of Leadpal review, where i will give you more information on It's pricing & Upgrades.

Pricing & Upgrades of Leadpal.



The PRO upgrade unlocks professional and advance features giving your subscribers the ability to do more with their LeadPal software;

PRO upgrade users get the ability to unlock 3 great features;

Remove our Powered by branding

Custom domain integration (10 domains)

Connect up to 50 social apps


Unlimited LeadPal leads collections

Unlimited custom domains

Unlimited reminder domain

Unlimited reminders pop up set up

Unlimited reminder leads

Unlimited social accounts

Unlimited team members


Just like the name “Luxury” users get the Luxury to unlock some cool features that cannot be found anywhere;

Resend to unopened

Include a special offer

Retargeting integration

Weekly stats by email

QR Code for leads

Sync leads to more than 1 autoresponder at a time


Brand LeadPal with your own custom branding (Domain) and sell lead gen access to businesses or marketers.

Get a unique dashboard with your brand, logo, URL, favicon, emails, etc.

Rebrandable dashboard

Create LeadPal pages and reminders for clients

Create clients account (500)

White label domain (White label users should be able to use their own domain)

Custom email address and logo

Totally rebrandable with your own company details and colors

Clients can have team members

Well, now come to the next section of Leadpal review, where i will show you who should go for this tool.

Who Should Go For Leadpal?

Leadpal is the must need tool for every online person who want's more out of their business but here i will mentioned all person who actually need this kind of tool.

->Online Business Man.


->Affiliate Marketer & Blogger.

->Digital Agency.

->Marketing Firm.


->Video Marketers.

->Social Media Marketers.

Above are the Professionals who must go for this tool, well now come down to final part of leadpal review.

Does It Worth Your Money?

So, I hope you have enough knowledge now about Leadspal but doest it really worth it??

As i describe above leadpal helps you to collect high quality and verified email list from targeted customer, just think for a second, if you have thousands of verified leads for your business then how easy it will be to promote any kind of product.

In terms of me, it's a really amazing & revolutionary software that can helps you to generate more money for your business.

If you are a marketer or a business owner then it's the must need tool for you.

I am giving you my guarantee, you will never feel regrate after purchasing this tool.

I highly Recommend you to grab Leadpal now with my $1197 worth bonuses.

Final Verdict On Leadpal Review.

Guys here, my Complete detailed Leadpal review is concluded & thank you so much for checking my article till the end.

In the above, I describe every single thing on leadpal in a very detailed manner.

I hope my leadpal review give you enough idea on this product, it benefits & working process, etc.

If you are a digital marketer, salesperson, business owner, affiliate marketer, or a blogger, then this is the software you must need.

I am pretty sure you will get awesome Results after using leadpal for your business.


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