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Hello, Marketers Welcome to this detailed unbiased Kartra Black Friday deals Page, if you are interested in marketing automation then read this article till the end. 

First of all, let me tell you what is Kartra in a simple way,

"Kartra is a sales funnel creation tool that is well known for its marketing platform that includes a bunch of amazing tools that you will require or which are necessary for the running of an successful online business and development of an online business".

When you are a digital marketer or an online businessman, then you have a lot of works to do in order to improve your business, and those works are divided into two segments which are primary works like managing sales, leads, and customers.

On the other hand, the secondary works are the technology works like managing emails, sales & ads campaign creation, and many more, and both the segments are equally important.

And sometimes you don't have enough time & budget to manage both the works where the role of the kartra comes.

Kartra is great because it removes the issue of attempting to get everything to work at one time in a single ecosystem.

[Quick Note:- Read Kartra Pricing if you want to know more about it's plans and how much it will cost you]

It is known as one of the greatest and biggest marketing automation systems which will help you in the growth of your online business in a relevant way.

This software has many roles and many features we will know further in this detailed kartra Black Friday article.

But for a glance I want you to know some of its role to which are skyrocketing online businesses of many online marketers like:

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  • It will create your sales funnel
  • You can create your own Website or Membership site (Kartra Will Provide you Hosting)
  • It can create landing pages with unique customization
  • It helps you in email marketing
  • It provides you all analytical tools
  • A/B Testing of your Campaign
  • Shopping Cart
  • Affiliate Management
  • Product creations software, and many other facilities

Above mentioned marketing efforts every small and mid-sized business must have to follow to get good results, but the problem is managing all the works is not so easy & affordable.

If you are go with Kartra then your all problem will be solved & you can do end to end online Marketing without much hassle.

Thus, without wasting a second let's jump right into this detailed Kartra review & learn more on this software.

So first of let's discuss what is Kartra in a detail way.

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Kartra Black Friday Deals Overview:

what is kartra

In Layman term Kartra is simply a Funnel builder that packed with lots of Marketing tools that can be helpful in your complete Online marketing process.

By the help of Kartra you can completely automate your marketing efforts & also Increase your business revenue.

This platform was firstly Introduced in 2018, and the man behind the launch was Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. (two known online marketers).

Kartra can be helpful in the Following things.

->You can create your own Website or Membership site. (Kartra Will Provide you Hosting)

->It will create your sales funnel.

->It can create landing pages with unique customization.

->It let's you collect leads & do the complete email Automation.

->It provides you all analytical tools.

->Shopping Cart creation.

->A/B Testing of your Campaign.

->Affiliate Management.

->Product creations software, and many other facilities.

Above are the Works you can do it Kartra very easily and effectively.

After this Kartra platform launch it helps millions of businesses to increase their business online.

Kartra comes with lots of amazing & Unique features that no one in the industry can provide in the same price range.

They also provides you some detailed step by step premium training that helps you to learn from a marketing legend, Frank Kern.

Well, that's all about the Kartra, Now let's talk about it's Complete features very thoroughly. 

Why to Choose Kartra Black Friday Deals 2022.

There are many amazing features of the kartra but let’s begin with the more capable and relevant ones in this kartra review, like

1) E-mail marketing-  

Nowadays, e-mail marketing is known as one of the most important aspects of the path to developing your online business. With this point of view, kartra is now providing the best e-mail marketing feature, which will skyrocket your online business in no time.

This email marketing feature comes under the communication tab and generally includes broadcast, automation, tagging, sequences, and many more.

If I say in a nutshell, then it is known as the perfect substitute for the Mailchimp, active campaign, convertkit like email marketing software.

With the help of this feature you can also import the list of leads from CSV in an easy way, and you can also create forms to collect new leads directly through kartra.

2) Marketing campaigns -

This Campaigns are considered as the blood of the promotional activities of a particular product or a service if you are an online marketer. To help you out, kartra is now providing the best marketing campaign, which will help you in creating one.

These are very simple and end to end marketing campaigns based on the activities of a marketer.

There are two things you can do in this segment of the kartra: you can create a campaign from scratch and share with the kartra users, or you can use the done for you marketing campaign templates which are ready-made by the kartra.

If you are a beginner, you will face zero problems if you want to create a marketing campaign to market or promote your product or services online.

Just a short reminder is that if you are creating the kartra campaign from scratch, it will require all the assets available in your kartra account.

On the other hand, if you are going for the done for you option, then it is the full responsibility of the kartra software as it will make all the works for you.

Another amazing facility of this feature is that you can also share your created marketing campaigns with other kartra users so that they can know your creativity or vice versa.

3) Page building at its peak - 


Without a website, there is no online business. That’s where kartra page builder comes in.

In my opinion, kartra is providing pre-made templates for every purpose.

Like you can build your page traditionally or classic sales page by using the kartra page builder because it is very simple if you are using this builder.

The templates which are provided by the kartra are excellent in looking. It includes both the modern and the traditional layouts the choice is upon you.

Now let’s talk about the editing works.

Like how you are going to build a page using the kartra page builder.

The answer is simple you can choose a blank template, then add various images and elements to edit the web page, which is also easy.

The editing is drag and drops as you don’t have to know any coding or any technical skill to edit the web page as per your choice, just drag it and drop it, then you are done.

Overall the page builder, which is provided by the kartra, is very good at its works and vert simple, which is very important. 

It is a drag and drop page builder, which is time-efficient and beginner-friendly as you don’t need any coding skills to operate it.

4) Products & Carts - 

You can have the best page builders and the websites in the world but how you are going to operate it if you don’t have ay product or service to sell.

 To help you out, kartra is providing it's inbuilt shopping carts, which will help you in the selling of the product or the services if you have any.

The most important thing in this concept is that adding products to the cart of the kartra gives you two options which are 

1- Create the main product.

2- An upsell or down-sell product.

The product you added to the cart of the kartra will be displayed to your website's visitors as per these two options.

You can choose the first one, which is the ‘’creating the main product ‘’or option 2, which is the ‘’an upsell or down sell product’’ the choice depends upon you.

Now let’s talk about the setup process or the steps involved in the setting up process.

Kartra will take you through very simple and easy steps when you are adding your products to the cart of the kartra, and if you have used a shopping cart before, then this process will feel very similar.

The main reason behind this simple and easy setup process is the relevant interface, yes the interface of the cart of the kartra makes the whole process easier because the options which are available in the cart of the kartra like payment gateway, product price options, trial structure, cart templates all are easy to understand even a newcomer can follow all the operations in no time.

5) Kartra Video Hosting – 


The video-making platform is another substitute platform that is best for promoting your brands and the products. With the trending updates, Katra also has a video platform where you can quickly post the informational videos about the product you are selling through the kartra.

Videos like tutorials, how to use the product are beneficial videos for the customers, and it also draws a positive vibe towards your online business.

You don’t any the youtube video sharing and hosting platform to promote your brands or the products, because kartra has its video-sharing platform in which you can easily embed your videos directly on your kartra pages with other amazing features like 

  • Adding a call to the action
  • Organizing your kartra videos into the folders
  • See videos watched by each of your customers
  • Getting detailed analytics

 Also, I want to tell you that there is a limitation that comes with the kartra video hosting platform, which is the storage facility of the kartra is limited in nature, but other facilities are excellent.

6) In Built Affiliate Program- 

We all know the affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money using the internet. If you are a kartra user, then you don’t have to worry about it because kartra has its affiliate program in which you can easily earn money by selling products.

The affiliate program, built inside the kartra tool, is one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

Here are some of the affiliate tools which will help you in the generation of the revenue and increase in sales.

1- Creating an affiliate sign up page

2- Affiliates approval

3- Affiliate sign up questions and the answers

4- Adding the leads into the special list

5- Setting the payment option

6- Configuration of the landing pages for affiliates

7) Membership & Courses-


This is also an inbuilt tool developed by the kartra, which will help your audiences in self-learning and other recreational activities.

These activities will help them grow their knowledge about the sales funnel, digital marketing, and many more aspects related to the products you are selling.

This is a platform where you can easily host all your courses and give restricted access to the contents.

Everything for configuring and managing the way you wish to sell your digital products and the courses is being made available to your customers or the visitors.

With the help of this tool, you can do

1- Consultancy

2- Coaching

3- Ebooks

4- Online courses

5- Online services

6- And many more

All the activities which I have mentioned in the above para are known as the foundations features of a digital marketer, and you can also improve your brand by providing that kind of service, and you know that thing. 

 ‘’Brand means money’’.

Excluding that these ebooks, tutorials, and coaching, consultancy are beneficial to your customers because with the help of these digital elements, you can tell them your journey and what kind of things to do in that journey and what kind of mistake to avoid in that journey.

8) Kartra Help Desk –

You know that the more successful the business is, the more difficult it is to manage the questions and answers or the problems of your customers via your e-mail.

That where kartra helpdesks come to help you and your online business.

This system of the kartra gives a lot of options to the customer who needs any help or support from you.

The Support includes ticket, live chat, e-mail, skype on a phone call.

The customer who wants any help can get a solution via these communication paths from the kartra.

Another good thing about this system is that it allows the customer to rate the help or the assistance that he got from the kartra.

So that you and your customer service can know whether you are doing a great job or not.

Well, now let's see who is actually need kartra.

Who Is Kartra Targeted To?

First of all, in my opinion, actually, kartra is not for everyone.
And if you take this step of getting kartra without knowing the capability of your online business then it will become a problem rather than a solution.

So, Who is kartra targeted to?

Well, the answer is it is targeted to especially those people who don't want to hire any kind of professional developers or the Marketers to skyrocket their online business or to go to the next level of their online business.

In a nutshell, it means it is for the people who want to spend less time, less money and off course less efforts in the technical & marketing events like developing a Website/landing page, creating graphics, setting up Email marketing, Creating & optimizing funnel or complete end to end marketing etc and more time on the actual work which is the online business works.

Thus, let me tell you something for a businessman whether he is a traditional businessman or an online business there are two things essential for him to which are,

So kartra helps you in those things by handling all the necessary techniques of an online business.

It completely helps you in following things,

-> Page building

-> Email marketing

-> Complete Affiliate management

-> A/B Testing

-> Setting up of the e-commerce cart

-> Creation of the sales funnel

-> Setting up of the marketing campaigns and many more which we will acknowledge in the further parts of this article.

It will be handled or quickly done with the help of the kartra so that you can improve your focus on real things like customers, sales, leads, etc.

And eventually, this work distribution will help you in the improvement of your online business.

Thus, in a wholesome, we came to know that kartra is for those people or online businessman who wants to handle the real online business activities and have no time towards the software and other vital and necessary technological works.

Now you may know that, is it Kartra for you or not...Well now let's come to the next section of Kartra black friday sale where I will talk about all the Integration of Kartra.

Kartra Integration.

kartra integration

Here Kartra provides lots of extra software Integration by that you can add more features to your online business through kartra.

But before talk about What type of Integration Kartra allows, let's know what is Integration...

Well, in the world of business, the term integration means the activity of bringing all together, and that’s exactly what kartra does.

Although kartra has everything to run a business successfully and it is possible because of the affordable kartra pricing, but along with that kartra is also providing the additional features and services as an option so that you can incorporate with the other marketing tools.

So these thirds party integration, which is provided by the kartra is described in the below section..

1) Payment gateway integration

It is an amazing & very helpful integration which will help your online business in getting the transaction successfully with your customers.

Some of the best payment gateway integration of the kartra are

- Authorize.net

- Braintree

- Paypal

- Stripe

2) E-mail marketing integration

To run a successful business you must need to collect Email of your customer & also you need to send Good information to your email subscribers.

By the help of this Integration you can easily Collect and send emails to your subscribers and also you can automate your campaign.

The different email system with which kartra is integrated are –

- Sendgrid

- Postmark

- Mailgun

- Elastic email

3) Membership integration

This integration will help in the creation of membership platforms like

- Kajabi

- Optimizepress

- Member

- WPfusion

- Wishlist member

4) SMS

This integration is specially created for communication purposes like sending and receiving SMS.

- Nexmo

- Plivo

- Two

Okay now let's come to the final conclusion of Kartra review.

My Final Verdict on Kartra Black Friday deals!

As you know, Guys here, my Complete Kartra black friday deals article is concluded & I hope now you got enough knowledge on this software.

Kartra is the best tool for marketers, small, Mid-sized, and big agencies and businesses.

The incredible thing about the Kartra is it's very easy to use and beginners friendly & you don't need any kind of expertise to use it.

If you need an end to end marketing automation with landing page & Complete website, then Kartra is the best all in one tool.

Here I am saying it's a really cheapest tool, but if you need a complete customize website, landing page with templates, Shopping cart, ready to go campaigns with funnel & A/B advanced split testing, then I don't think Kartra Will disappointed you.

$1 Kartra trail provides you 14 days of Premium Option , so everything is transparent here. Get the Chance of Kartra Black Friday deals & save your money.

Let me know if you need any kind of help in Marketing Tools...Thanks:)  

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