DoodleMaker Review By A Real User: No1 Doodle Video Maker?

doodlemaker review

DoodleMaker Review 2021 By [Real Beta Tester] + Demo Included

Welcome to My Honest DoodleMaker Review

If you are Looking for some thorough details on this Doodlemaker software then you are at the right page. 

DoodleMaker is an all-in-one Video creation Suite that helps you to create highly animated video by some simple clicks.

It is a Completely a Drag & drop video maker that helps you to create Video from textual content also. Doodle Maker can be customized according to individual and companies requirements.

You can also create animated Voice Over video with complete background animation.

Doodle Maker is a user friendly tool which does not need any video tutorials. All the operations can be done with just few clicks and the response time is faster then other similar tools in the market.

It also allows you to create Sketch animated video for creating tutorials or Youtube video.

The software Pre-loaded with 300+ Whiteboard, Blackboard & Glassboard Video Templates from the hottest niches & Industry.

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DoodleMaker Templates Comes with fully realistic human voice overs, effects & already done animation.

users have access to unlimited Premium templates and they can also Customize by their own Interest.

This tool designed to truly allows user the user to have complete Control over the doodle to customize is properly without any restrictions.

Now ANYONE can Effortlessly produce AMAZING Jaw dropping Doodle Videos that are on Par with the BEST, Without the learning curve or the expensive video editors and all whilst saving time and money!

Introduction To DoodleMaker Review:

DoodleMaker is a Cloud based software with inbuild artificial intelligence, with this anyone can create their own professional doodle videos in couple of minutes.

Here in this part Doodle Maker review, I will discuss what are Doodle Videos?

Doodle Videos are a type of animated marketing, tutorial or training video. They are another term for Whiteboard/Blackboard/Glassboard Animation Videos.

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If you are Interested in creating unique style animated hand drawing video, sketch video, Marketing videos or any kind of tutorial video then you must need a perfect tool for it.

Here "DoodleMaker" is the perfect tool for you that can helps you in creating all kind of sketch animation, Hand drawing, marketing videos at ease.

You know as a marketer or Business owner you need to create effective & memorable video for your branding and marketing campaigns & here you can do all the things with DoodleMaker.

I hope now you have a perfect understanding on Doodle Video creation & it's Important.

Well, now come down to the next section of Doodle Maker review, where i will exactly tell you what it is.

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What Exactly DoodleMaker Is?

doodle maker review

Doodle Maker is the world’s first Doodle Video Creation software that uses Intuitive Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone, regardless of technical skills, age or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional doodle videos in over 30+ languages within few minutes.

This tool Doodle Maker is created by Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar, they both are the top entrepreneurs & Product creator of Jvzoo.

By the help of Doodle Maker you can easily create White-board animation Videos, Sketch Videos, tutorial videos, training videos or any kind of marketing videos you can create within few clicks.

DoodleMaker is a Completely Drag & Drop video creation suite by that you don't need any kind of technical skill to use the Doodle Maker.

Well, Now come down to the next section of DoodleMaker Review, where i will give you a complete overview of this tool.

Founder Of DoodleMaker.


This amazing doodle Video creation software founded by Million-dollar marketers Paul Ponna, Sid Diwar & Ali Chowdhry.

They all are the top Vendor & Marketer of Jvzoo & Clickbank & they also awarded several time for their software products.

They are able to create million dollar launches because they understand the market, they analyse the data and they know what customers want and they ultimately have undeniable proven methods they deploy in order to execute a successful launch.

So their all software are very effective & result driven, that's why they launch only 1 or 2 Products in a year.

DoodleMaker Review:-(COMPLETE OVERVIEW)


Paul Ponna
Launch Date
Launch Time
10:00 EST
Official website
Click Here
Front-End Price
$42 ( Coupon Code: Doodle )
Yes, Huge Bonuses
All Levels
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Doodle Video Maker
Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Highly recommend!

Above is the Complete Overview of DoodleMaker and I mentioned the creator name, launch date of the product and the Front End price details.

Now let's come down to the next part of DoodleMaker Review, where i will talk what exactly the Software is and how it can gives you benefits.

Now, guys, it is the time to discuss the features of this amazing video making tool "doodle maker".

And in this part of the doodlemaker review, I am going to discuss all its amazing features one by one in simple words.

So let's get started.

DoodleMaker Review: Features & Benefits.

doodlemaker features
doodle maker features

1- Text to speech - it is actually a time-consuming feature which is provided by the doodle maker. With help. of this feature, you can easily convert a full page of text into an amazing speech.

This will help you in the creation of your voice over contents.

And the main thing about this feature is that this process is very time-consuming and quick.

2- 100+ male and female voices - it is another good service or feature which is being provided by the doodle maker. It has 100+ male and female voice stored in its system. So if you want to do a voice-over or if you want to convert a text into a good and relevant speech, then you will get tons of voice options.

So test those voices and get what you like the most.

3- Record your own voice - it is also a good feature of the doodlemaker. This software also provides a voice recorder attached to its system. If you want to do voice-over or if you want to do an animated youtube video but you want to insert your own voice instead of the artificial intelligence voice, then you can do that without any interruption.

You can record and edit your own voice and you will face no complexity because the controlling of this software is very easy.

4- Create an unlimited video - With the help of the doodlemaker you can create unlimited videos with good quality. There is no number of restrictions on exports.

5- 300+ ready-made templates - Templates play an important role when it comes to the quality of a video. So that to help you in the creation of a great video doodle maker provides you with 300+ ready-made templates to choose from

6- Export in the 720p and 1080p - With the help of the doodlemaker you can easily export your creation in great quality like HD 720P or full HD 1080P. The choice is up to you.

7- Built-in transition- when you are doing a slide show or doing chapter wise videos the insertion of a great transition is very important, so that doodle maker has built-in transitions which will help you.

8- Cloud-Based Tool- DoodleMaker is completely a Cloud-based system by that you all created videos are saved forever and you can access from anywhere you wan't.

9- Add your own watermark- if you want to do branding of your content or of your video then you can add your logo or watermark just to give it a premium look. It is an amazing feature.

10- Youtube and Vimeo publisher - with the help of the doodlemaker you can easily publish your video in youtube or Vimeo which are known as worlds biggest content search engines.

11- Built-in library for image - doodle maker has a library which contains thousands of great images. So if you need any image during the creation of your video.

12- Commercial License- Yes, Doodle Maker comes with 1-time price commercial license by that you can white-label this product and sell to unlimited users or you can provide service to unlimited clients.

13- 30 Days Money Back Guarantee- Yes!! here you will get 30 days money back guarantee for Doodlemaker software, so you don't need to worry about your purchase.

14- 24*7 Support- Yes!! You will get 100% responsive support from DoodleMaker team & you can clear your all doubt regarding this tool.

15- Complete Training- Here Doodle Maker team provides you Step by step training to use DoodleMaker for creating effective videos.

16- Premium Bonus- Yes! Once you Purchase Doodlemaker you will get Premium bonuses Worth $5000 that no one can Provide you & I also provide you support regarding the tool.

Above are the complete features of Doodle maker, now come down to the next section of doodlemaker review.

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DoodleMaker Demo Video

Why You Need to Choose DoodleMaker?

So, Why you need to purchase the DoodleMaker?

This Covid-19 is already Reveal this Answer, let me explain how...

In this pandemic situation, everything is shut-down & now people depend on online to get everything like; Food, Job, Business, Education etc...

So just think for a second, to make everything done online; Businesses & education sector must need to create engaging & easy to understand videos if you are talking about easy to understand & engaging video then what more better than Doodle Videos??

As per my analyze, Doodle whiteboard videos are the best way to educate, sell, engage, and inspire audiences worldwide.

So this is the perfect time to use Doodle video's to grow your business.

Here you can use DoodleMaker to create this kind of stunning doodle videos for education or marketing purpose.

However, you can also start your own video creation agency with the help of Doodle Maker & make money by serving videos to the client.

So, DoodleMaker is going to be the Game changer for everyone, so all businesses, marketers, consultant, educational institute, teachers, agencies must need this revolutionary software.

Once You purchase Doodle Maker, you will get all things in 1-Box. (Check out below Image)


You will get 8 different application features in a Single tool, If you purchase all the tools one by one then it will cost you around $800.

But here at DoodleMaker you just need to pay $47 one-time Price & everything is yours forever.

So, I highly recommend you Get ‘Doodle Maker’ now at a massive early bird discount as soon as possible… before it’s gone! The discount is available only for the first few customers.

Who Should Go For DoodleMaker?

doodle maker otos

DoodleMaker is a software that every new edge entrepreneur needs because it helps marketers & entrepreneurs to leverage high quality video to get more sales.

But let me mentioned who must need this tool.


2)Video Marketers.

3)Content Creators.

4)Affiliate Marketers.

5)Online Business Owner.

6)Coaches & Consultants.


8)Youtubers & Course Creators.

9)Agency Owner.



12)Digital Marketers.

Above are the professionals who must go for the Doodle maker.

Working Process Of Doodle Maker.

You can now Effortlessly covert any video with voice and the built-in AI translation engine will automatically create an attention grabbing doodle video in Over 30+ Languages on demand. Simply upload your video or paste a YouTube URL. And the software's Artificial Intelligence will work it’s magic within minutes. You will be left with a profession, gorgeous High quality Doodle video which was all done for you with minimal effort.

To take things one step further our GROUNDBREAKING Technology Artificial Intelligence will also allow you to use our pre-populated human male or female voice overs or you can use your own, our AI will go one step beyond and CONVERT your audio into over 100 Voices in 30+ Languages on demand this is a GAME CHANGER, Now your DOODLED Video can reach global customers and in turn means MASSIVE reach and MASSIVE profit! This feature only is UNIQUE and the world’s first!

Normally It Works In 3 Simple Steps:

=>Doodle The Video =>Convert Them =>Make Profit

Okay, let’s come to the next section of DoodleMaker review, Where I will give you it’s price & Upgrades.

Pricing & Upgrades Of Doodle Maker.

doodlemaker otos

Front-End: ($47 ONE-TIME) >>Click Here<<

Once you purchase the front-end plan of Doodle Maker that after you can consider any extra Upgrades according to your needs.

Upgrades-1: White Label ($497 One-Time) >>Click Here<<

Sell our best selling DoodleMaker app as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

  • Rebrand with your own logo and branding to make the app your own. (once in a lifetime opportunity)
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts, sell as many copies as you like. 
  • Set your own price. 
  • Done-for-you VSL to sell the app as your own. 
  • Done-for-you Sales Page - graphics and copywriting done to convert prospects into sales.   
  • We manage app hosting and software updates: Sell without hassles

Upgrades-2:  Deluxe Upgrade ($49 One-Time) >>Click Here<<

Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of other DoodleMaker customers!

  • New templates Monthly For 1 Year (One-Time Price): Brand new customizable whiteboard, glassboard, and blackboard templates added to your account each month for 1 year (no monthly fees).
  • Ready-Made Human Voice Overs For All New Templates (Male and Female) - save money, no need to hire expensive voice artists.
  • Ready Made Video Scripts Written By a Copywriter For All New Templates (Modify As You Like)  Crafted to convert your prospects into sales!
  •  56 Additional Premium Text-To-Speech Voices In 29 languages. 
  • Premium Royalty Free Music Files (for your doodle videos)
  • Priority Video Rendering - Google Cloud Server (Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting in line)
  • Priority Access To Future App Updates: Deluxe members get all the future feature updates first before other members so they can stay on the cutting edge without working about saturation or competition.

Upgrades-3: Toon Video Maker App ($59 One-Time) >Click Here<<

Go beyond doodle videos, add new TOON videos to your marketing toolbox. Toon videos are proven ways to maximize results. Biggest fortune 500 companies use Toon videos to market their services.

Toon videos are the hottest video formats after doodle videos. You can sell each video you make for $300 to $500 each.

Upgrades-4: Client Engine App ($29 One-Time) >>Click Here<<

Client Engine software allows users to find top paying clients to sell videos, or any other service. This is perfect for anyone looking to sell their doodle videos made with Doodle Maker for top dollar. The software lets users search on the top 5 job sites from inside one platform. No need to visit multiple sites to find jobs and people looking for video creation services. 

NOTE: Main hook for this is “Find High Paying Clients From Top 5 job sites on the web, to sell your videos and any other service for TOP DOLLAR.” 

Use the angle of a “client finder app” for more profits. 

+ Unlimited Searches+ No Limits / No Monthly Fees / Unlimited Usage+ Find Unlimited Paying Clients - Sell videos or anything other service+ Search on Top 5 Job Sites - PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer, Project4Hire and Guru+ Keep 100% of the profit. + No monthly fees, pay once, use for lifetime. 

+ Stop chasing clients, find them in minutes!+ No cold calling, no face-to-face meeting. + Close BIG-TICKET deals online.

So, Above are the complete Upgrades of Doodle Maker tool, now let's come down to the final section of DoodleMaker review.

Doodle Maker Review: >>PROS & CONS<<


=> Commercial Rights INCLUDED!

=>Super Easy To Use.

=>Step By Step Video Training Included

=> Text-to-Speech, AI Translation Engine, 100+ male & female voices.

=> Record your own voice, Icon Finder and Pixabay API.

=> Built-in library of Images, Colour Image to Sketch Converter.

=> Board Switcher, Add Your Own Watermark, Built-in Transitions.

=> Element Speed Changer, Colour Changer.

=> Export in 720p or 1080p HD quality.

=> Youtube and Vimeo Publisher.

=> Create UNLIMITED Videos, Freehand Editor.

=> 300+ Ready Made templates, Intuitive text to image finder.

=> 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

=>Life-Time Access at $47 Only.

=> A Lot of Custom-Made Bonuses Right Below!


=> Nothing Found, Its Best Tool for the Price

DoodleMaker Review Faq’s:

doodlemaker FAQ

1) Is it a Cloud-Based App?

Yes! It’s completely a Cloud-based software, it means your all contents are saved for life-time & you don’t need to care about content safety & also you can access from anywhere.

2) Is it compatible For Windows & IOS?

YES! Doodle Maker is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install, nothing to update – it works perfectly right out of the box.

3) Is there any Training Video?

YES! Doodle Maker comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process and it also includes how to sell your videos for top dollar.

4) Can You use it for Unlimited?

If you choose Doodle Maker Commercial, you can create & sell as many videos as you want, as often as you want, for any number of niches.

Final Verdict On DoodleMaker Review.

As you know friends, my complete & thorough DoodleMaker review is concluded here & thank you so much for checking my article till the end.

In the above doodleMaker review, i described it's benefits, features, working process, who need this tool & it's pricing & Upgrades information.

I also explain the Importance of Doodle Videos for all business & education sector.

If you are an Online business owner, Freelancer, Agency owner, Marketer, Education Institute, Coach or Consultant then this tool is for you.

At the end, I highly recommend Doodle Maker to anyone wants to create & sell an incredible amount of high quality doodle videos quickly & easily, even if you are just starting out or have no experience like me.

Also DoodleMaker is the Once in a life Opportunity & it's Never come Again, Just Try DoodleMaker!!

So, Don't be late Grab the DoodleMaker tool now with Early bird discount + My Premium Bonuses For Free!

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The unique built-in “artificial intelligence” engine that automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of variations of your logos in minutes. Select the one you like and download!

Perfectly integrates with DoodleMaker. Just import the logos created by the AI Logo Creator into DoodleMaker and add it to your video templates.

Save money and time, you never have to pay a designer to create logos ever again! 

Mega Premium Bonus #5 - 80,000 Content Engine Library ($97 Value)

Find content from the HOTTEST niches without writing a single word!

Content engine comes with a library 80,000 content pieces from all the HOT niches. You can convert this content into engaging voiceovers and add them to your videos inside DoodleMaker.

You can also use the content for your blog posts, videos, and emails to get traffic, leads and sales!

Mega Premium Bonus #6 - DoodleMaker Agency Website ($297 Value)

Want to sell the videos you create with DoodleMaker for top dollar online?

Use our professionally designed “done-for-you” agency website to look like an authority to charge MORE for your services!

The site ready with professional copywriting geared to convert your prospects into SALES! 

Mega Premium Bonus #7 - Doodle Video Framework Scripts ($67 Value)

Don’t know how to write compelling script for your Videos? Use this time-tested secret doodle video creation video script framework to make engaging videos that work across ANY industry. This will be your shortcut to understand and implement the exact secret used by the top copywriters around the world without having to go through hundreds of hours of training! 

Mega Premium Bonus #8 - Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($197 Value)

Stop wasting time and money searching and paying hefty fees to find music tracks for your videos.

Use this royalty-free music library that’s integrated with VideoDashboard to spice up any video and explode your results!

Mega Premium Bonus #9 - DoodleMaker Success Case Studies ($197 Value)

Copy your way to success without worrying reinventing the wheel. Get instant access to case studies of other users who have been using DoodleMaker to maximize revenues, leads and sales. Apply these strategies in your own business to get results fast!

Mega Premium Bonus #10 - Video Summarizer App ($67 Value)

This powerful app allows you to take ANY long video and automatically summarize the key content in that video so you can then paste these short notes & bullet points into Doodle Maker app to create short educational videos that get more traffic, leads and sales for ANY industry!

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