ConnectVideo Review: Facebook Traffic Leads with Huge Profits

ConnectVideo Review & DEMO + Premium Marketing Bonuses

Guys, Are you looking for a detailed & Honest ConnectVideo Review? Here I will explain all the crucial features of ConnectVideo, Complete Working Process, How it helps you make a big profit, And Pricing & Pros Cons.

Connectvideo is a Facebook retargeting app that helps the users get back their retargeting traffic back to their website, video, and any destination as required. Connectvideo also works with the iOS14 operating system and helps you to target your past audiences for profitable leads.

This tool is very beneficial for All Digital marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, entrepreneurs, local marketers & many others who desperately want to have good traffic, engagements, leads & profit for them.

Now, let's move to the next section of My ConnectVideo Review, where i will discuss some vital info about this product.

ConnectVideo Review: [Complete Product Overview]

SellersPal Overview
Wilco de Kreij
Launch Date
Launch Time
11:00 EDT
Official website
Front-End Price
Yes, Huge Software Bonuses
All Levels
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Highly recommend!

Above is the Complete Overview of ConnectVideo, and I mentioned the creator name, the launch date of the product, and the Front End price details.

Now, let's come down to the next section of ConnectVideo Review to know more about its complete features.

ConnectVideo Review: Complete Features Break Down

Easy To use UI:

ConnectVideo comes with a complete beginner's friendly interface so that both experts & newbies can easily use this tool without having any hassle.

iOS 14 Ready:

After iOS 14.5 has been released and taken effect, ConnectVideo will still be ready to serve you. Using this method is the easiest way to prevent your ads from getting affected by that update.

Simple Setup:

Setting up a "Super Video Audience" is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Not a single migration, import/export, not a single thing you have to do! What you have to do is! You'll only need a few clicks to get started.


The revolutionary technology does not rely on hacks that will become obsolete shortly. The "Super Video Audience" is here to stay, no matter what restrictions or limitations Apple or Google impose in the future.

No Tech or Analytical Skills Required:

Guys! Are you worried about how to use this tool? You won't need to consider it anymore. By following a few simple steps, you can easily make huge money online, and you can increase the number of leads that come to your website so that more of those leads will become paying customers.

Set It & Forget It:

Are you constantly posting videos on Facebook or Instagram? Testing new video ads regularly? No worries! ConnectVideo takes care of all new videos from start to finish.

It's like a "Time Machine":

Have you ever posted a video to Instagram or Facebook that went viral? Well, now ConnectVideo can maintain all the video views from the past 365 days. It uses that historical data for today's marketing efforts & that will help you analyze your performance.

Dedicated Customer Service:

ConnectVideo Customer Service units are 24*7 Hours readily available to serve their customers. Whatever your problem is, you can quickly get into their contact & they will assist you immediately.

30 days money back Guarantee:

Guys! All your hard-earned money is 100% secure with ConnectVideo secure moneyback Policy. First, use this product completely & enjoy its services. If it does not work properly or could not reach your satisfaction level, you can ask for a refund & will get all your money back without answering a single question.

ConnectVideo Review: Who Must Need to Go For It?

Connect video comes with a 100% beginners friendly user interface so that anyone can easily use this tool without facing any major complexity.

I want to recommend, For those who want to make huge money online, ConnectVideo might be a good choice for them. By doing so, you will increase the number of leads your website receives and therefore convert more leads into paying customers.

  • Small or local business
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Professionals
  • Product creators
  • Affiliate marketers

ConnectVideo Review: How Does It Work?

There are only two simple steps to getting started with "Super Video Audiences":

Step 1: Connect your Facebook Ads account.

Step 2: Select your criteria for creating “Super Video Audiences”

ConnectVideo Review: Complete Pricing & Upgrades Info

You can grab Connect Video with early bird discount price in these options below for a limited time. Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

Front-end: Connect Video + Connect Suite 30 day free trial ($197)

OTO 1: Top 8 proven video formulas ($147)

OTO 2: Protect your ad account ($497)

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for ConnectVideo

Is ConnectVideo compatible with my Mac or PC?
ConnectVideo is 100% cloud-based. It works with all modern browsers regardless of which type of device or operating system you use. PC, Mac, Chromebook -- all covered.

There are no compatibility issues with any operating systems, and there’s nothing to download. Simply log in to ConnectVideo online and you’ll get started right away.

Why do I need ConnectVideo? Can’t I just use the Facebook Ad Manager?
ConnectVideo gives you options that are not readily available within Facebook’s Ad Manager or Business Manager.

To use some of ConnectVideo features, you’d need to hand-code a custom software solution that works with multiple APIs, get permissions for each, find solutions to bugs, and keep the system updated. Even then you’d only get a fraction of the features and simplicity that ConnectVideo is offering.

So, ConnectVideo is NOT only the fastest way to create Super Video Audiences, it’s the ONLY way that’s fully automated with these powerful features.

What makes ConnectVideo different from other tools on the market?
There’s nothing in the market today that’s even slightly similar to what ConnectVideo can do for you.

If you want to run profitable retargeting ads in 2021 and beyond, it’s the only way that I know that’s guaranteed to work with the iOS 14.5 update and its app tracking limitations

Even if Google or other tech giants bring new tracking limitations, it’ll still work. It’s a future-proof technology.

Besides, the proof is in the pudding. Some of Wilco’s campaigns are averaging 12.42x ROAS in the past few months since the launch of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update. If you’ve been running ads during that time, you know what that means.

Which languages are supported by ConnectVideo?
ConnectVideo is a language-agnostic tool. It works with ANY language without any problems.

Do I need to run video ads to be able to use ConnectVideo?
No. You need to have videos on your Facebook page or Instagram business account to be able to populate Super Video Audiences with ConnectVideo. You can then show ANY type of ads to this special retargeting audience -- image ads, video ads, etc.

I’m not very technical. Will I still be able to use ConnectVideo?
This is one of the best features of ConnectVideo: It’s super simple to set up and use -- no technical skills required at all.

Wilco’s team has done all the hard work for you, so you won’t need to struggle with technical details.

Just set it up once (in a few simple clicks), and ConnectVideo will automatically serve you without you lifting a finger.

Is there any kind of guarantee?
ConnectVideo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Not happy for any reason? Simply send [email protected] a short email within 30 days of your purchase, and they’ll refund every penny of your investment.

No questions asked, no hoops to jump. It’s simple and risk-free.

How does ConnectVideo really work?
First of all, you'll publish videos on your Facebook page and/or Instagram business account as usual. There’s absolutely nothing to change in how you manage your social media accounts or how you post videos.

Then you'll use ConnectVideo to create a Super Video Audience.

This special audience type will include everyone who have watched any of the content videos you've already posted in the past, as well as all the future videos you’ll be posting in the future. (ConnectVideo will check your page(s) daily to see if you've published new videos, and if so, add them to your Super Video Audience).

ConnectVideo comes with some smart segmentation options.
For example, you can create all these audiences with ConnectVideo in just a few clicks:
Super Video Audience #1: People who watched 25% of any of your videos in the past 365 days.
Super Video Audience #2: People who watched the first 3 seconds of any of your videos in the past 90 days.
These are just examples. Your options are almost unlimited -- and I believe ConnectVideo will be updated in the future with more segmentation options in the future.

After creating these Super Video Audiences, then you can use them inside Facebook Ads just like any other custom audience.

Do I need ConnectRetarget or any other tool to use ConnectVideo?
No, ConnectVideo is a standalone tool.

You absolutely don't need to use it in combination with ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, or any third-party tool.

ConnectVideo by itself is enough to create Super Video Audiences with up to a 365-day attribution window -- including historical data even before you’ve started using ConnectVideo -- and it’s the ultimate cure for creating retargeting campaigns on Facebook.

Final Verdict On Connectvideo Review

Guys, Thanks a lot for checking out My Honest Connectvideo Review, Here I tried to put all the information on this  Connect Video.

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