Infinitunes Review & Bonus: Best Sound Track Library

infinitunes review

Hey, Guys Welcome to My Honest Infinitunes Review!

If you really excited to know about this software then this Infinitunes review is the perfect guide for you.

Here I am going to share a lot of things about this software, what are its features, how it works, It's Demo, Pricing & many more.

Infinitunes Is a complete AI-Based platform that can helps you In creating 100% Unique & Premium sounding music tracks for your videos without any copyright.

The most Important thing is you can use it for Unlimited amount of time, there is no such restriction.

Infinitunes comes with it's Drag & drop audio editing & creating tools that makes super easy to create Human Friendly audios in a minute.

By the help of Infinitunes you can create any kind of background music of any industry you want.

The most Important thing about Infinitunes is it's fully customizable audio creating tool i ever seen in my life.

You can able to create amazing unique quality background music & sound effects by that you can use it on your own videos.

Introduction to Infinitunes Review:

As i describe above Infinitunes is the best AI-Based software that can helps you in creating Unique human friendly audios & sound effects for your marketing videos.

But before going to talk about Infinitunes, let's find out what biggest problems marketers and video content creator face.

Video creators, and marketers in general have always had the problem of finding licensed, inexpensive background audio for their videos.

You search for hours for the perfect audio track and you end up spending a lot of money for a restrictive license. When you get to checkout, you find out you need to add 5 other items to your cart just to be able to use it across the web.

Only to repeat the same process for every video you create. It's one expensive headache.

Not only that, video creators and marketers have to deal with copyright strikes, video take downs, limitations... or even getting sued.

Infinitunes solves all these problems!

This platform is the first of its kind, as it uses AI technology to generate high-quality background music tracks for literally any use. Video ads, walkthrough videos, tutorial videos, YouTube videos, livestreams... you name it.

Now let's talk about this software in a detailed way in this Infinitunes review.

How It Works Normally?

Infinitunes will make the PERFECT background music tracks for your videos.

It's as simple as selecting personalization options such as genre, activity and mood from our huge library, selecting your track duration and clicking 'Play'.

This allows you to dial in your audio track to perfectly-match your video!

The best part? It comes with unlimited rights, which means it's 100% unique to you and even better than royalty free. No copyright issues ever again.

Even better? When you hear the high-quality music tracks Infinitunes creates, you'll never know it was created by an AI-engine. It sounds just like those premium music tracks you usually spend hundreds of dollars on.

Well, now come down to the next section of Infinitunes review, where i will give you it's complete overview.

Infinitunes Review: Complete Overview



Brad Stephens



Launch Date


Launch Time

10:00 EST

Official website

Click Here

Front-End Price



Yes, Huge Bonuses


All Levels


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Sound tracker & creator


Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе


Highly recommend!

Above is the Overview of Infinitunes and I mentioned creator name, launch date of the product and the Front End price details.

Now let's come down to the next part of Infinitunes Review, where i will talk what exactly the Software is and how it can gives you benefits.

Demo Video of Infitunes Review

Founder Of Infinitunes.


Brad Stephens has long been regarded as a both successful affiliate marketer and software creator with tons of outstanding products.

His products are highly evaluated by not only users but also by experts from all over the world, some of which are ClickAgency, FeelSocial, MSGLock, Social Suite, VideoDrill… Thus, he is a top 5% seller and top 4% affiliate on JVZoo.

About Infinitune:

infinitunes demo

Infinitunes is the first & only AI AUDIO creation platform. Might be unbelievable but yes it is true.when you are going to hear the high-quality music tracks infinite tunes creates, you will never believe that it was created by an AI-engine.

It sounds like those premium music tracks you usually spend hundreds of dollars.

Believe it or no;t it is providing a lot of features with high-quality music tracks at a very low price.

You can create and merge music tracks with videos for clients, customers, and local businesses and generate revenue using infinitunes.

Without any video or musical experience; without any technical skills or paying for any complicated /expensive licensing fees you are going to enjoy this software a lot.

You always had the problem of finding licensed, inexpensive background audio for you promoting videos. you search for hours and hours you end up spending a lot of money on a restrictive other software, if you want to make your video eye-catching then you must have to do some expenses to unlock extra features.

But infinitunes is not like that it solves all these problems by providing you one-time payment

As it uses AI technology to generate high-quality background music tracks, video ads, walk through videos, tutorial videos, Youtube videos, and many more.

I don’t trust any fake reviews, advertisements, or propaganda. That's why I am here to share all the vital information and real features regarding this software.

I hope you will get proper information and real- user review here.

So without wasting your valuable time let's go & breakdown its amazing features and many more in the next section of Infinitunes review.

Infinitunes Review: Complete Features Breakdown

Use AI technology:

This platform is the first kind, as it uses AI technology to generate high-quality background music tracks; that no other software uses this technology to give an amazing feature to video. 

You can make video ads, walk through videos, tutorial videos, Youtube videos, and many more 

Instantly create unique & premium music tracks:

Infintunes will make the perfect background music tracks for video creators & marketers.

Create any type of music tracks:

It has a massive customization library that includes over 150 categories,6 moods in 44 groups, and 112 genres.

Commercial license includes:

Create & sell premium audio tracks merged with videos to clients, customers, and local businesses for 100 % profits.

It's impressive enough that your customers will never need to pay a cent for another background video music track again, or have to deal with licensing issues, but there's something else this amazing platform has up its sleeve!

That's 100% profit margins on premium music tracks that their clients will love

Zero limits on length:

Every single music track is unique, created instantly, and can be set for play 30 seconds,1 minute, or even 3 minutes.

Unlimited usage:

You have the right for its unlimited use. Never worry about licensing, copyright strikes, or royalties.

Every track offers worldwide distribution rights, they’re UGC legal-compliant and Article 13 compliant.

Add to videos:

You can also merge different types of tracks to your videos directly inside infinitunes built-in video editor.

Using Infinitunes Video editor is very easy and anyone can use it very effectively & you don't need any technical skill.

Mobile friendly:

It is 100% mobile-friendly Software, So you can be created with any devices you wan't.

Highly Customizable:

It enables you to customize your video with any track.

You can choose a music track as per your wish which will perfectly match your video.

Easy & simple:

Infinitune is very easy and simple to operate. You don't need any technical skills or expertise to use this software.

Non-robotic audio tracks:

When you hear the high-quality music tracks infinitunes creates, you will never know it was created by an AI-engine.

It sounds like those premium music tracks you usually face problems to spend hundreds of dollars on.

All the music tracks created by Infinitunes is super easy to digest by humans, so in terms of sound quality you will never face any problem.

No copyright issues:

Every infinitunes audio track comes with unlimited distribution right. Merge tracks with any videos right inside of infinitunes.

You don't Need any Technical skill.

Yes, For using Infinitunes you don't need any kind of hard core technical skill, you can simply do it by it's drag & drop editor.

Above are some of the crucial features provided by Infinitunes software, now come down to the next part of Infinitunes Review.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Yes, you are secured with 30 days Money back Guarantee, So that you can take decision Instantly without any risk

Pricing & Upgrades Of Infinitunes.

Front End: $37 to $47 >>MORE INFO<<

On the front end, we’re offering both a personal license and a commercial license.

Infinitunes creates premium-sounding audio tracks for videos instantly based on personalisation options like genre, activity and mood. It's not an audio library of curated royalty-free tracks. Each track is unique, and can be dialled in by your customers to perfectly-match their videos.

When your customers have found the perfect track, they simply click 'Add to Video'. 

Here they can sync it to ANY YouTube video (or uploaded video) to make it a high-converting, more powerful video.

Your customers will never have to pay for another background audio track again, or worry about licensing or copyright issues.

OTO1 - Infinitunes Pro License >>MORE INFO<<

Infinitunes Pro License - $67

Generate Unlimited Tracks (before you add to your video & download - not unlimited downloads)

Unlock 68 NEW Music Categories

Generate Tracks with Any Duration (Custom Track Duration)

FREE Access to Future New Genres, Activities and Moods (No Monthly Fees)

Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering - No Waiting Times)

OTO2 - Agency Upgrade (Limited to Launch Only) >>MORE INFO<<

Done-for-you agency package including higher limits (with an unlimited plan available for 80% off for launch only) as well as a done-for-you agency kickstarter package.

Agency Lite - $97

Agency Unlimited - $197 

Create & Sell Tracks to Clients

Create & Sell Tracks to Clients

Unlimited Generated Tracks (Unlimited Minutes)

Unlimited Generated Tracks (Unlimited Minutes)

Save & Download 1,000 Tracks /w Videos

Save & Download UNLIMITED Tracks /w Videos  (HUGE)

Unlimited Licensing & Distribution

Unlimited Licensing & Distribution

Grow Fast with Clients & Team Dashboard

Grow Fast with Clients & Team Dashboard

BONUS: How to Get Clients Training

BONUS: DFY Agency Website

BONUS: Client Email Templates

OTO3 - Synthesys (Special Offer) - $67 >>MORE INFO<<

Access to Synthesys Commercial! Combine unbelievable REAL human voice text-to-speech technology with audio tracks created inside of Infinitunes for sales videos, demo videos or any other type of video. Turn any text into a real human voice-over in 3 simple steps.

OTO4 - Resellers Package >>MORE INFO<<

Here your customers can purchase any of our 3 reseller plans.

Above are the Complete Pricing & Upgrades Information of Infinitunes, Now come down to the next section of Infinitunes Review.

Infinitunes Review: Who Should Go For This?

Infinitunes is the must needed software for all the Video creators, Social Media Manager and Marketers who want to create attention grabbing audio tracking & background music in a minutes.

If you are belongs from following backgrounds, then this tool is for you:


->Business Owner.

->Online Entrepreneurs.

->Video creator & Marketers.

->Affiliate Marketer.


->Agency Owner.

->Designer or Animator.

->Youtuber & Blogger.

Above are the must needed professionals who must go for Infinitunes software, Now come to the Final section of Infinitunes Review.

Infinitunes Review: Pros & Cons

♥   Create high-quality music tracks based on your preferences

   ♥   Customize genre, activity and mood to dial it in to perfectly-match your video

   ♥   Created by talented and experienced vendors

   ♥   Newbie friendly

   ♥   Works in any niche

   ♥   Cloud-based app

   ♥   No previous technology skills or experience required

   ♥   No hidden charges

   ♥   Commercial License option included

   ♥   14 day money back guarantee


   X   I have absolutely nothing to complain.

Final Verdict On Infinitunes Review.

Guys, here my detailed Infinitunes review is concluded & thank you so much for checking my review till the end.

In the above Infinitunes Review, i describe about it's features, overview, working process & pricing with complete Upgrades Information.

I hope now you don't have any doubt regarding Infinitunes software, So take your decision Now.

If you are a Video creator, Marketer or an entrepreneur then Infinitunes is the highly recommended software for you.

Infinitunes is the first ever AI-Based platform that can helps you In creating 100% Unique & Premium sounding music tracks for your videos without any copyright.

There is no other tools in the market that can provides you that much amount of features at only $37, So go & Grab the Tool Now!

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Step 1: Buy Infinitunes on my website

Step 2: You will receive the bonuses Automatically

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