How to get on the top of Google:(7 Easy Steps)



Do you have your own website?Are you also a content writer?

If yes, surely know the ways to RANK ON TOP OF GOOGLE by reading this article.

To be found on Google, it implies you are in Google's list. There are ways you can incorporate your business or site into Google's record rapidly without putting connects to different locales and petition God for it to work.

Let's get started and understand some efficient methods..

Why Google?

Other than being the most use web crawler (60% market share in USA and substantially more in different pieces of the world), in the event that you read from legitimate SEO web journals, they all discussion about Google and hardly any whatever else.

Also, in the event that you rank high on Google, you are bound to rank high on other web crawlers as well.

Your SEO objective is clear. It's to command Google in your market.

At last, what Google needs is what's best for clients and what clients need is to locate the best responses for the inquiry they search on Google.

Google is by all accounts improving and better.


Internet searcher utilizes calculation to decide site's positioning, and Google has one called "Hummingbird".

Things being what they are, what is calculation to Google?

"You need the appropriate response, not trillion website pages. Calculations are PC programs that search for pieces of information to give you back precisely what you need."

How Google finds your site?

Previously you can rank high on Google, you should be found or get filed first. At any rate

at the point when individuals scan for your interesting "image name", you ought to be found at top 10 position of Google.

When your new site is associated with another connection from the site that was at that point in Google's record,Google can send the PC program called "Googlebot" to your pages.

Googlebot is an insect bot program which creep your site to assemble data and keep them in Google's file standing by to be positioned with the positioning elements of the calculations. (How simple Googlebot can slither through your pages is one of the positioning elements.

Don't worry! There are different approaches to get connected.

You have to submit your site in Google Search Engine to easily rank..

Get found on Google on Top Searches

To be found on Google, it implies you are in Google's list. There are ways you can incorporate your business or site into Google's record rapidly without putting connects to different locales and petition God for it to work.

Actually,all the site pages have a place with its space name.

In the event that your site's name is special like you ought to be positioned inside the top #5 in seven days for that name in light of the fact that there is no challenge for your image watchword. In any case, if your image have not positioned rapidly, there are attempts to be done - read on and see content segment, on-page advancement.

For facebook fan page or youtube and so forth you don't have to do this.

Google can file pages under famous locales exceptionally quick and very well without your assistance. Thus, much appreciated yet not this time.

When you included your business data, Google will let you to stick your address on its maps, and afterward Google will send you a postcard with pin number to check the location proprietorship and done.

From that point forward, you will be found on the first page of Google, decent and large on the correct sidebar of internet searcher.

Positioning elements

On the off chance that you are profoundly keen on positioning over Google, this is the thing that you have to pursue to step up in this strategic.

1. Make extraordinary content

2. pursue the most recent positioning components and elements.

Regardless of what any other person state about SEO, these 2 things are everything to it:

Make extraordinary content and pursue the most recent positioning variables. You may likewise have heard that there are around 200 variables that Google's calculation use to rank a site page with every one of the progressions you have to keep up.


RankBrain is fresh out of the box new positioning element reported by Google in 2015,furthermore, it's presently third significant positioning variable. It has a lot to do with Google's A.I.

Or on the other hand its AI. It can gain proficiency with client's conduct on Google to decide the best outcome for search term and it will continue developing itself until it can in the long run assume control over the world… .simply joking on the last part… or not.

Afterward, I'll show you the most effective method to beat the framework.

Presently, let me summarize it for you the 3 most significant factors in positioning high on Google to date:

C1: Credibility

C2: Content


It used to be the 3C yet now it's progressively similar to 2C + R.

These 3 primary factors each will have a lot more sub factors yet don't go crazy. Do what needs to be done bit by bit.

It would be ideal if you likewise remember that these components are closed from different trusted sources: Google itself and including understood SEO master groups who have tried with demonstrated outcomes.

I have additionally attempted it with extraordinary outcomes and I am here to offer and summarize it for you.

C1: Credibility

Does Google trust your site?

If there’s a reason why in the SEO world use the terms “natural” or “organic”

so much, then this must be it. Because trust can only be gain naturally through

time, link and word of mouth (at least it’s what Google expect us to behave).

Anything else that makes Google trust you is considered to be technically

unnatural (that’s the SEO’s task to make it look natural).

To be in the organic search result, you are supposed to be organic,


What you need to know is that your website’s credit is no.1 priority in

gaining high ranking on Google.

This is why you can still find stupid content

webpage ranking high on Google because Google already trusted that

website. It’s like telling a lie to a person who trusts you, he or she is going to trust

you no matter what.

C1.1 Time

First thing for the credibility factor, your website needs to get old.

It’s no secret, Google does not trust new websites. In the crowded online

world where new sites are being born every second, only a handful continue to

raise but so many just quit, there is no way Google would rank your new site a

weeks or a few months.

You need to prove that you are serious about building

your site, and time never lies. Also, as the years roll on, the more time it takes

for Google to trust new sites.

The more demand the more competitors. The more competitors the

harder for Google to trust you.

Time is trust and you can’t buy or build trust without time.

C1.2 Backlinks

Backlink has been the most important ranking factor since Google’s day one.

You can have the best content but if you don’t have backlink you might not

survive at all. Basically, Google looks at your backlinks to determine your site’s


Google treats each incoming link (backlink) as a vote.

Today, you can have just one quality backlink and beat the shit out of a site

with 1,000 of low quality backlinks. What’s worse, the more bad quality

backlinks you have, the more damage to your site’s overall ranking.

Remember: The more backlinks you have from different domain names

are better than links you have from a website.

C1.3 Domain name’s history

Did you buy a new domain name or second hand? If new, that’s good, go

next but old domain name?

You better check if it was penalized by Google in the past or not.

If it was, even the SEO god still can’t help you. You need to go tell

Google yourself that you are a new owner and promise to behave.

Google has a blacklist of spam websites as domain names. You can easily

check by go to Google and type site:[your domain name] and see if it shows

your pages, if not, your domain name might have been panelized.

But be careful!

Being panelized completely from index is very rare, site that has been

panelized must of pissed Google off so badly. So your site could just be too

new and Google doesn’t know you yet. Do submit your site to Google to rank easily.

C2: Content

Now, let’s talk about the 2nd most important ranking factor: The content.

In content, include everything that has to do with text on your site.

Content is King

Without the greatness of your content, all the

technology, all the work you have put into your website could become useless.

Most people spend years designing and building up their website causing time,

money and tears but by the time they get around to build the content they ran out

of energy, that’s when everything starts to fell apart. It should be the other way


Content must come first and technology second.

And it’s more this way now than ever. Google is getting more serious about

the content everyday.

 In SEO, there are 2 sub factors you need to care about in making a great content with the high ranking potential:

C2.1 Content quality

Your content must be at high quality. I know it’s hard to pinpoint which is

high which is low but you know it when you see one. This is easier said than

done. But it is what it is. So, let me define it for you.

Your content creation must aim for the best and complete answer to that

search term you want to rank for. To me that is quality content.

How would you know that your content is Good?

Comparing your content to top 10 ranks on Google and you would see it. The usefulness,

complete answer, right answer, more details, longer length, more images, add

videos etc.

Do anything necessary to make your content as useful as it can be or

at least better than your competitors who already in top 10 rank on Google.

And remember, the more number of content web pages doesn’t mean better

overall ranking.

This is also not a number game.

Content is also about quality over quantity!

C2.2 On-page optimisation

How Google sort out the most relevant webpages?

In order for Google to approve that your webpage is worth to rank high on a

search term (keyword),apart from having high quality content, it’s all about


What makes your webpage most relevant?

It’s all about the keyword text on your webpage and the context of the

content (high quality content).

This is the duty of on-page optimisation.

This is the easiest thing you can do in the SEO work. Even my mom knows

this. You have to make your webpage relevant to the keyword that people are

search for. This is about inserting keywords to your webpage (including any

page that can be ranked even a facebook fan page).

Steps to find the best keyword

To have a keyword is to have a goal. Your site or even each of your webpage

must has its goal. Same as anything else, before you can work efficiently, you

must have some kind of goal first. This is why keyword research is the first

process of SEO.

Find out the search volume

This is about knowing exactly what your customers want. Suppose your site

is selling training shoes, so you think you want to your site to rank #1 with any keyword.

Not so fast, because this keyword might not be what your customers literary type to search on Google or this keyword might has

lower number of searches on Google than other keywords like “running shoes”.

So after, you came up with the the one keyword idea. You need to find out

the exact word that being searched on Google by looking at its search volume

per month using Google Keyword Planner.

Content that Google loves so much

Now, you have your niche keywords ready to do some serious SEO work from creating great content to inserting keywords into your webpage.

Let’s start with the content first.

When SEOs saying about content, they most likely talking about text articles.

You may plan to have image and video gallery on your site but to do well on

Google without being famous (like the who is known by drawing

funny cartoons), you need text articles.

So, the first thing you need to do in winning Google’s heart is adding new

quality articles to your site.

You should think about content even before your site was born.

So here you go, these are the qualities in an article you should aim for, in

order to please your users and for Google to reward you well in the search result:

1. 1,000+ words

The length of the article is very important to rank high onGoogle. If you have been googled and read articles from top 30 ranks you should

noticed, it’s very rare to see thin articles (like less than 500 words) ranking high

these days. So, length matters. Have your users scroll down like there’s no


 Longer article, add more sub headers (H2) with more useful

information is always better but don’t make it long just for the sake of it.

How long exactly you should write?

As I told you, look at the top ranks, they are your competitors,just analyze their weaknesses. This is one of them. If all the top 10 ranks with high quality content have 1,000 words, your job is to do 1,500 words or more.

Check article post that has minimum length and the one that has minimum length.

2. Be original

It’s no secret that Google hates duplicate content. Copying content from

other sites is bad for ranking.

Be yourself! Add you own opinions, your own thoughts, your own stories from time to time, be human, don’t be a robot and users will love

you for it. When users love you, Google will also love you.

3. Great headline

Although Google doesn’t say this is needed but for modern day SEOs, this is

how we indirectly please the algorithm “RankBrain”. You need to make sure

that yours headlines are better than all the top ranks.

Create question marks in

user’s head, make them curious or write controversial title, whatever to make it

the most interesting. Go study about how to make great headline.

4. Be fresh

SEO websites need oxygen just like us and its oxygen is fresh content. If you

stop feeding it with new content, it will slowly die out on Google. I used to have

so many blogs left to die like that. Lost passion. Bored. No new content added

for months, then all the ranks were dropping like flies. Google needs fresh

content. It makes Google look good in search result. Google gives credit to

websites that update more regularly. How often you should update your content?

Just look at the most popular sites in your industry and you check their content

dates. I say, usually, a decent blog would update at least 1-3 new posts every

day. But for a news blog, it should do even more. You can’t just update your

blog once a week and expect Google to give your site great ranking. Google is a

tough space. If you don’t do it, there will always be other sites who update more,

ready to replace you any day.

5. Be the best answer

People say this and that about creating quality content but nobody ever

mentioned that quality content most of the time is no different to having the best

answer. Looking from a user's perspective, when searching on Google, all they

need is the best answer. Only the best answer will have users stop searching.

Once you have your keyword, look at your top rank competitors and ask, is your

content the best result out of them all?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

What do they lack?

 What points do they miss? Does it need more pictures to

explain or a video? More length? More Sub headers? Just be the god damn best

answer you can be in anyway you can in every content, be what suppose to rank

high and Google will reward you much easier.

Once you have great content, now it’s time to have Google understand it with

on-page optimisation.

How to do on-page optimisation?

Quality content is not enough.

Just 5-6 years ago, quality of content was not even included in the main

ranking factors.

Google recommended so but it couldn’t differentiate between

good and bad content.

You could just write crap and rank high if your site has good backlinks.

Today, Google is getting smarter, it spots a great content from a

mile away or...does it?

It doesn’t always.

Google may be smarter but not that smart that smart yet.

That’s where on-page optimisation comes in.

On-page is about making your webpages more relevant to their target

keywords. It’s about helping Google understands your webpage more, so it can

rank you better. This can be easily done by inserting your target keywords into

the 4 elements of your webpage:

1. Domain name and URL

2. Header or headline (H1 including sub headers H2, H3..)

3. Meta tags

4. Body text

I know there are more elements in a webpage but only these 4 are what

Google cares about. Google looks at these 4 elements to learn what your page is

all about.

Your job as the on-page optimisation implementer, you must make

sure to insert your aiming keyword into each element and make them look as

natural as you can.

You don’t need to know HTML to do this, but it would help a lot if you did.

HTML is also easier than you think.

But if you are not planning to lose more

hair right now, you can stick with the SEO work and create a keyword mapping

Excel file and send it to your web developer to do it for you.

What is Google Snippet? have

seen it every day, you just don’t know it.

A snippet combines with: Meta Title Tag, Meta description Tag and URL.

You snippet must focus on a certain answer, do not bombard your snippet

with too many topics, nobody can be relevant to everything!

To make a snippet clicked, is also about using every space sufficiently.

Today more than ever, more clicks on Google equal higher rank and a

snippet is responsible for this.

Apart from being ranked #1 - #10, what your

snippet looks like, directly affect the number of clicks. (Ranking #1 affect

number of clicks more than #2 - #10)

People click more on a search result (a snippet) and consider it to be the best

answer for them because they see 2 things in a snippet:

1. Interesting context

2. Keywords (they’ve just googled)

To come up with a great headline, keep the

following in mind:

1. Always use H1 tag

2. Think of users first and ask these questions:

Be useful: Does this title look useful enough? Make yourself useful!

Be unique: Does this title stand out from the top ranks?

Learn to craft you header often, and soon you will be able to master it every

time without even thinking about it.

Internal linking

Each article must be linked to another article on its own site. This on-page technique has

been done since the dawn of SEO, it helps SEO a lot.

It’s so popular and effective, everybody does it. It’s not only to keep your users to stay on your site longer but it’s like rank voting to my own webpages just like backlinks so the

webpage that got link can be understood better by Google.

Therefore, rank better.

Just don’t create link using one word or one keyword but link a whole

sentence or a few words.

Apart from writing..

You can add more value to your content with these:

•Images (don’t forget to add img alt tag because Google doesn’t see image)

•Comment box (Most CMS provide this already)

•Diagram (including graphic, drawing etc.)

•Bullet points


•File download

•Youtube videos

•User reviews

Guest blogging

It’s about sending out your content to other sites in your industry (the

more authoritative the better) and leave your site’s link at the end of the article.

You can start with the easiest ones, the ones that wanted your articles



Now I am Damn sure that you will surely follow all these steps and rank on the top of Google Search in a very few months.

Thank you for giving your time to this step-by-step guide article.

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