Hostinger Review by Real Users: Is This Worth in 2022?

Hostinger hosting review

Hostinger claims that they're offering the fastest web hosting at a price nobody can beat. If that is actually true, they would be the best web hosting company on the market right now. For the sake of ensuring that our readers get the best hosting services, we went ahead and tested Hostinger hosting’s claims to see if they're actually true. We have discussed all aspects of this company in this detailed Hostinger review.

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Hostinger Review:  About Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger has been in the web hosting business since 2004. They currently host over 29 million clients from about 178 countries and have an average of 15000 new signups per day. The company has a presence in the US, the UK, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands and Lithuania. Their website can easily be accessed in English, by default. However, they also allow for translations to multiple other Languages. 

Hostinger Review: Complete Plans Below

hostinger pricing review

Hostinger plans cater to a number of web hosting services including shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. For this article, we are primarily going to focus on Hostinger plans for shared hosting options.

There are three Hostinger deals for shared hosting:

  1. Single Plan: The Single Plan comes with 10 gigabytes of solid-state drive space, a hundred gigabytes bandwidth, one email account and other outstanding features.
  2. Business Plan: The aforementioned features can, however, be upgraded to 30 gigabytes SSD space, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts with the business plan.
  3. Premium Plan: Our favourite and most preferred plan is the premium plan. This gets you 20 gigabytes of SSD space and unlimited bandwidth to fully support your online project as it continually grows traffic.

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Hostinger Review: Price Details comparison

A 24 month premium plan with the Hostinger will cost you 83 dollars - this includes the domain name and an SSL certificate to make your website secure. You'll want to have an SSL certificate because nothing makes users leave your web site faster than a not secure tag in the top corner. Let's put it all together now: for the upcoming two years, you'll have unlimited bandwidth, 20 gigabytes of SSD storage disk space, a domain name and an SSL certificate. All of this for just 83 dollars.


Price For 24 Months

Percentage Difference


$83 (Get Hostinger discount)




92% more expensive



160% more expensive

We will use SiteGround and Hostgator as our comparison for Hostinger review because they're very big players on the market right now. If you choose to go with SiteGround for the exact same features, you'll have to dish out 159 dollars. That's a 92% increase in price for virtually the same features. However, an identical plan with Hostgator will set you back 216 dollars. This is an insane 160 percent increase in price. 

Hostinger plans have flexible billing cycles including monthly, yearly, biennial and quadrennial contracts. These plans are payable through PayPal, credit or debit cards, and bitcoin payments. Luckily, if you are not being a hundred percent satisfied with Hostinger, they'll give you a refund through their 30-day no hassle no risk money-back guarantee.

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Hostinger Review: Hosting Performance

As far as performance goes, Hostinger hosting uses the blazing fast SSD technology, coupled with cloud Linux, which will improve your website’s loading speeds and enhance server efficiency. Furthermore, Hostinger advertises to have 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed with 24/7 server monitoring by experts. On the security side, however, Hostinger only offers free SSL certificates with the annual business plan. They also offer weekly backups across all shared hosting plans and daily backup options, again, only for the business plan.

Hostinger is faster and scores better results in both PageSpeed and YSlow than other site hosting companies. Both Hostinger and SiteGround fully loaded a test website in 1.5s, but the determining factor here being that SiteGround was twice as expensive. 

Using UptimeRobot to monitor the response and uptime of Hostinger gave a result of 162 milliseconds. Google recommends to keep this number lower than 200 milliseconds at all times for the best performance.

Hosting Review: Site Management And Security

Interface wise, what immediately stands out for Hostinger hosting is that they don't use the standard cPanel when managing your account. Hostinger developed their own version of cPanel that has all of the same functionality, but seems to be way more responsive and faster to navigate than the standard cPanel counterpart. If you're not a diehard cPanel fan, we can guarantee that you will appreciate having this feature.

You'll have an easy time using their easy website builder, especially with its drag and drop features. It's super easy to use and fun, while making attractive, fully customized and functional websites on your own in minutes. Of course, you still have tools such as the automatic WordPress installer that's super simple to use and is probably one of the easiest ways to create your website in 2019. Hostinger claims they have optimizations in place that make WordPress websites load 3 times faster. 

All web hosting Hostinger plans include personal email features, meaning you can register a personal email address using your domain name. The email system itself is pretty straightforward to use.  We created a new email account and send a test message to that account in order to see how fast it arrives and no surprise there it was pretty much as fast as one could switch the browsing tabs.

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Hostinger Review: Aftersale Customer Service

To bring you up to speed, we bought a testing purposes hostgator domain for testing Hostinger’s customer support. We knew it will have issues because it contains copyrighted text so just as suspected, this domain could not be registered automatically even though it was owned by us.

Just as suggested, we contacted Hostinger support and, within minutes, they've explained why the issue occurred and offered to fix it right away. We gave them a new domain name and they just changed it quick and easy. This whole thing took less than 15 minutes in total and reflects the importance of great customer service in this company.

Final Thoughts

At this point, we can safely say that Hostinger, in fact, does offer fast, reliable and cheap web hosting. We recommend hosting here for its cheap packages, it's easy website builder and it's 99.9% uptime guarantee.If you want to get a discount on Hostinger plans and try it yourself, simply click here. Thanks for reading our review of Hostinger. If you use Hostinger or have used them in the past, let us know about your experience in the comments.  

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