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DomainRacer hosting is getting popular in India and is giving a competition to the more settled web hosting companies. In this DomainRacer review article, we go through the company’s hosting services, performance and how they stack up against the more seasoned web hosting companies. 

domain racer review

DomainRacer Introduction

DomainRacer hosting is a local service provider, headquartered in Pune. It is one of the most popular companies among the students and budget oriented clients, who want the most bang for their bucks. The company claims to have great features, super reliability and no downtimes. We are going to figure out if their claims are actually true by the end of this DomainRacer review.

Quick Summary

Overall Rating

4.37 / 5.0






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Customer Support


DomainRacer Plans

At the moment, DomainRacer hosting can be used for web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. The company serves as a host for more than 17000 websites and provides dedicated servers to 340+ clients. For our review, we are going to focus on the shared web hosting services provided by the company.

The DomainRacer deals in the web hosting include:

domain racer shared hosting

  1. Basic plan: A Basic Plan is intended to host simple blogs or static websites. With this plan, you can host one website only. You get 500 MB of SSD storage, 10 email IDs and 5 GB bandwidth.
  2. Personal plan: A Personal Plan is ideal for popular web bloggers, influencers and other services that expect to get average traffic. With this plan, you can host one website only. You get unlimited SSD storage, unlimited email IDs and unlimited bandwidth.
  3. Silver plan: This is the most popular plan. You can use this for a website that has high traffic or for multiple websites with average traffic. You can host 3 websites on this plan and get unlimited SSD storage, email IDs and bandwidth.
  4. Advanced plan:  An Advanced Plan is intended for high traffic businesses and startups.  With this plan, you can host unlimited websites. You get unlimited SSD storage, unlimited email IDs and unlimited bandwidth.

Overall, except for the Basic plan, the other DomainRacer plans offer unlimited everything. This is quite an excellent offer by the company.

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DomainRacer Price

DomainRacer provides insanely cheap hosting services, in comparison to many international or even some local web hosting providers. You can get your own website hosted from just 49 INR (apply our special DomainRacer discount code). Let’s check how it compares to other popular web hosting services:



Percentage Difference


81.67 INR

(49 INR  with DomainRacer discount)



209 INR

155% more expensive


199 INR

143% more expensive

We recommend students or people restricted by their budget to pick DomainRacer hosting, especially if they want to create a static and a simple website.

Payment for the DomainRacer plan can be made using Paypal.  

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DomainRacer Hosting Performance

domainracer uptime hosting offers

DomainRacer promises to be the best low cost web hosting service. However, the low cost does not mean anything if the hosting performance is not good. This means that we need to investigate the claim thoroughly.

Upon our research, we found that DomainRacer hosting does indeed provide a very fast loading speed. This is important if you want to rank higher on the Google search index. We found out that the average loading time of the page to be 596 ms. This is a good result and is faster than 96% of all webpages that have been tested. The company has upgraded its hosting technology to LiteSpeed and can provide up to 20x hosting speed compared to an average web hosting service.

We also tested the webpage speed by installing WordPress and checking how fast the pages load. We were very satisfied with the speed. (This is a quick litmus test that can tell you about the performance of a hosting service if you are limited by time)

Site Management And Security

For newbies and non-tech folks, DomainRacer hosting has built-in templates for your websites that will allow you to set up things quickly. Like most web hosting providers, DomainRacer also uses cPanel for site management at the backend.  You get all the built in features in the cPanel to view and arrange your data. 

There is an email management system in place that allows you to configure POP/IMAP, create new sub-emails and manage email groups.

You get an integrated website content management system that supports WordPress, Druple, Joomla, etc.

DomainRacer Plans include free backup and data redundancy service.

All web hosting DomainRacer plans free SSL certificate, PyxSoft, Patchman, SEO tools, JetBackup, Zend Optimizer and Imunify360+.

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Aftersale Customer Service

A web hosting company’s customer service after the sale is as important as the features provided by the company. You want a customer service staff that really cares about your problem and ensures that your website’s issues get solved as fast as possible. You do not want to work with a web hosting company that does not provide you with a reliable customer support as this would lead to you being stranded if your website suddenly gets down or has a problem.

DomainRacer hosting’s customer service is well trained, both technically and ethically. It can be reached out to throughout the day and their experts will be able to deal with any risk or error maintenance.

Final Thoughts

In terms of pricing, there is no other company in India that provides such features on a low price. DomainRacer hosting is totally worth your money and we are sure that you will be satisfied with it. We recommend this service for simple websites or budget clients.  If you want to get a discount on DomainRacer plans and try it yourself, simply click here. Thanks for reading our DomainRacer review. If you use DomainRacer or have used them in the past, let us know about your experience in the comments.  

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