10 Best Whiteboard Animation Software 2021: [Detailed Review]

best whiteboard animation software

Guys, Here I will list out 10 Best Whiteboard animation software for 2021 to excel in your online business.

We all know Video's are In trending but through a normal kind of video you can't expect your audience will engage with your content.

So as a solution to it, currently video marketing industry needs some high quality whiteboard animation software that can helps you in creating amazing sketch explainer video In a minutes.

Whiteboard animation softwares are really fantastic in creating engaging & attention grabbing video for your business.

It can easily grab your audience attention so quickly & ultimately you can able to generate more sales & better branding for your business.

To create this kind of Sketch explainer video you don’t need any expensive equipment or skills to get started – just a computer, Internet connection and some whiteboard animation software.

Those whiteboard software makes video editing easy and as an outputs you will get high-quality explainer videos that you can use on your website, an online course, Marketing or any other place you need it.

So here I decided to create a fantastic piece of article for you on my hand picked 10 Best Whiteboard animation software for 2021.

Heck, Go through my complete list of Whiteboard/ Glassboard animation software & I will try my best to give you better Information regarding those tools.

[Attention: Here I created This List as a Ranking; So which one i like the most that was in my 1st Number from the 10 Software.]

Well, Now let's get started & see all the top 8 whiteboard animation software...

top 10 best whiteboard animation software 2021

Here I will give you a list of my hand picked 8 best whiteboard animation software & you can choose anyone from it for your video creation.





5)Easy sketch Pro.






Well, Let me explain all the above whiteboard software features, pros & cons in a detailed way by that you can finalized which one is perfect for you.

doodly review 2021

1) Doodly: (Our #1 Recommended)

From the list of top 10 whiteboard animation software doodly is my personal favorite & It's my no1 recommendation for whiteboard animation video creation.

With doodly, you can easily create a different kind of animated explainer videos such as whiteboard, glassboard & greenboard.

In doodly, you can easily customize your video or you can create hand made sketch video within a minute & also you can choose various kinds of male & female hands.

Do you know what i like most about doodly? It's a Smart Draw feature...By that, you can add your own images and tell the software how you want it to be drawn. This can take some time to do, but the final effect is natural-looking and totally worth it.

Through doodly, you can create any kind of smart animated video within a minute & it's really easy to use & beginners friendly.

Doodly has 2 yearly & monthly pricing option; The standard version of doodly will cost you $20 per month if you will subscribe it's a plan for 1year & the enterprise version of the doodly cost you $39 per month if you will go with its a yearly subscription.

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Doodly Features




  • 400+ pre-made doodles
  • Custom draw paths
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

2) Videoscribe:

Videoscribe Review

After Doodly, Videoscribe is my 2nd Recommendation, It's actually a very big player in this whiteboard video creation Industry.

Top Reputed companies like; BBC and the World Bank Group, have used VideoScribe to create their own animations & marketing message.

Videoscribe have an extremely large library of free images to choose from (>6,000 images), that already have animations attached. Custom image imports are also supported, however, the custom draw paths cannot be edited directly in Videoscribe.

One amazing thing about videoscribe is its free trial version; yes you can give a try to Videoscribe for 7days without spending a dime on it.

Currently, Videoscribe has 3 pricing options




If you are really serious about this software & want to save big on Videoscribe then you can go with its yearly plan, It will cost you $96 only.

Now you may want to know why Doodly is my 1st choice? because here you get Videoscribe at only $96 yearly Instead of paying $240 for doodly.

Doodly has its own Customization option & you will get more options in doodly rather than videoscribe, So i suggest you to read my Doodly Review 2021 for better understanding.

Videoscribe Features





  • 400+ pre-made doodles
  • Custom draw paths
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

3) Vyond:

vyond review

Vyond Is my 3rd Recommendation after Doodly & Videoscribe, So let's discuss a little bit about it.

Vyond creates professional whiteboard animated videos for industry fields like marketing, training, eLearning, and HR. It helps you achieve better visual communication through powerful storytelling, repurposing, and customization of content.

It makes your whiteboard animation video more professional & you don't need to do any serious job from your side to create good explainer videos.

I recommend Vyond tool if your only goal is to create marketing or promotional video for your own business or client.

Vyond Features




  • 400+ pre-made doodles
  • Custom draw paths
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

4) Explaindio:

Explaindio Review

In the top 10 Whiteboard animation software list Explaindio fits on top 4 positions & i like this software because you can create a different kind of video using this software not only sketch video.

If you’re looking to go beyond whiteboard animations, then Explaindio may be for you. As well as having the ability to create whiteboard animations, you can also use the software to create a range of animated videos – this is ideal for the all-round internet marketers.

In terms of assets available for whiteboard animations, with Explaindio you get access to 800 doodle images (black and color). There is also the option to import your own images or browse the integrated Pixabay library.

Explaindio Features




  • Record voice over
  • 800+ pre-made doodles
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

5) Easy Sketch Pro:

Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro, this software is purely a whiteboard animation software without any monthly fees & it has lots of features also.

If you don't want to pay every month for the whiteboard animation software then Easy sketch pro will be the best option for you.

This tool comes with 3 different plans,



3)Business Pro

All the plans comes with a lifetime deal, it means you need to pay One-Time only.

To remove the watermark, you need their Business plan ($67 one-time fee). Their most premium plan – Business Pro – comes with an additional 12,000 premium images and sound tracks (work $360).

Easy Sketch Pro Features





  • No recurring fees
  • Record voice over
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

6) Animaker:

Animaker Is my 6th Recommended whiteboard animation software & this tool has a free version also but you will get very limited functionality in it.

The free Animaker plan enables you to create standard-definition quality videos of up to 2 minutes in length. You can export up to 5 videos to YouTube each month, each will contain an Animaker watermark.

As well as the standard whiteboard background, with Animaker there is also the option to create blackboard, notepad, glassboard and even stitchboard videos!

Upgrading to a premium plan is also fairly cheap – with costs starting at just $12 per month (annual billing).

Animaker Features




  • 5 video exports per month
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Import images
  • Windows and Mac support

7) Randerforest:

Renderforest Review

Randerforest Is a very famous video creation software & it is most well known for whiteboard, glassboard & greenboard video creation.

It comes with the Forever Free plan, you can create videos up to 3 minutes in length with the use of a limited number of assets. Video exports are restricted to 360p quality and they also contain a watermark.

If you later decide to get away from these restrictions, there are also a number of a premium of plans to suit your needs.

Randerforest Features





  • 500 MB free storage
  • 1,000+ whiteboard scenes
  • Add color to images
  • Windows and Mac support

8) Animiz

Animiz actually a very different kind of free whiteboard animation software & it offers lots of features in its a free version also.

Without paying a penny, you get a massive 10 GB of free cloud storage. There are also no limitations on the length of recordings and a number of videos that can be created using Animiz.

But one problem is Animiz free version contains a watermark & it can be removed by upgrading to their premium plans, which start at $29 per month.

 If you are really looking for something amazing doodle video creation software that comes with free license to use, then Animiz Is the perfect software for you

Animiz Features






  • 10 GB free storage
  • 500+ image assets
  • No video length limitation
  • Windows support

9) Camtasia:

Camtasia is a very old premium whiteboard animation video making software that provides all that you need to come up with mind-blowing whiteboard animation videos.

With Camtasia, You will get access to a wide range of customizable videos that includes intros, outros, and so on. There are over 500k stock photos, images, and videos with a TechSmith subscription.

Through Camtasia you can not only create whiteboard animated video; you can also create a different kinds of 3d/2d video or screen recording video etc.

Camtasia will cost you $249 to get started, but it is worth every penny as we consider it as one of the best whiteboard animation software for you.

Also, Check out my detailed Camtasia Review

Camtasia Features





  • 400+ pre-made doodles
  • Custom draw paths
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

10. MysimpleShow

If you are looking for some easy to use & beginners friendly whiteboard animation software that you can use in both for your organization & for yourself then Mysimpleshow is the right tool for you.

Through Mysimpleshow, you can create educational videos or marketing related videos; There is a pool of audio, images, graphics, and other things that you need for creating a whiteboard animation video.

It comes up with lots of templates for creating all sorts of business videos that include product promotion, employee training, or simple motivation videos for your employees.

MySimpleShow have three Premium plans; 1)Business: $129 Monthly 2)Pro: $499 Monthly Enterprise: Custom-based pricing

MySimpleshow is mostly preferable for enterprises, agencies, freelancer who have lots of clients or business to do.

Mysimpleshow Features




  • 400+ pre-made doodles
  • Custom draw paths
  • Record voice over
  • Windows and Mac support

My Final Verdict On Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Guys, In the above i showed you the Top 10 Best whiteboard animation software for 2021 that helps you in creating high-quality videos in minutes.

We all know whiteboard videos are very engaging & it can boost the audience retention rate so fast. But creating quality Whiteboard videos are not so easy.

But above i recommend the top 10 best whiteboard animation software that can make your life easier & you can literally just start creating videos in minutes.

I recommend you to go with Doodly or Videoscribe because both are my personal favorite & i used both the tool for my client video marketing.

If you are looking for an all-in-one video creation suite then you can go with Explaindio or Camtasia both are really good at creating a different kinds of videos.

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If you are wondering, why I am recommending doodly always as my 1st priority then check out my detailed doodly Review 2021 & learn how you can create your own whiteboard animated video in a minute

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